• Biomethanol: a Fuel of the Future

    From filling stations to engines, biomethanol can be used as a low-cost, sustainable alternative to traditional fuels. Mitch Beadie asks: Could this be the answer to tomorrow's supply and environmental...

  • The Six Sigma Equation

    Business management strategies such as Six Sigma and Lean now embrace a rich variety of industries. Alex Hawkes talks to Julian Mosquera of LCP Consulting to find out what benefits...

  • Preparing for the Upturn

    There is general consensus that the chemicals industry should experience a pick up in 2010. The push to green technologies is likely to prompt growth in the sector, as Muriel...

  • Chemical Deals Prove Slow Burners

    M&A activity in 2009 took a hit as the global financial crisis rocked markets. As things start to pick up Muriel Axford takes a look at the factors affecting industry...

  • Simulation: Ensuring the Perfect Balance

    Simulation technologies are being adopted at plants wanting to ensure thorough training while minimising risk. The benefits do not stop there, as Muriel Axford finds out.

  • Chemicals Industry Cuts Emissions

    Legislation plus a wide range of voluntary measures is making the chemicals industry increasingly environmentally friendly. Muriel Axford reports.

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