Swissfluid Process Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves and Components

Swissfluid was founded in 2002 as a small and independent company. The permanent facility at the centrally located Lenzburg, AG, provides approximately 2,800m² for offices, production assembly and testing, as well as storage area.

Swissfluid is specialised in the design, manufacturing and worldwide marketing for a comprehensive line of industrial valves and piping components.

One of the company’s subsidiaries, Swissfluid (USA), Inc., was incorporated in 2007 to serve our customers in North America as a sales and distribution centre.

Our subsidiary, ideally located on the Gulf of Mexico, offers fast deliveries out of Houston, Texas, for any valves or automation packages, including actuators, switch boxes, solenoid valves and positioners, reactor sampling systems and spare parts for all products.

Another subsidiary, Swissfluid (China) Co. Ltd, was incorporated in 2010, located in Shanghai, as a representative office for the Chinese market.

Lining of process valves and components

Our core competence is the lining of process valves and components with engineered plastics, designed for handling corrosive, abrasive or even pure liquid service requirements.

Ball Valves, Diaphragm Valves and Cylindrical Plug Valves

We supply SBV Ball Valves, which are plastomer-lined, full port, designed for shut-off, flow control or throttling of corrosive, abrasive liquids or even toxic process media, in either liquid or gaseous states.

Sight Glasses / Ball Check Valves

We offer SSP Sight Glasses, which are plastomer-lined for permanent flow indication of liquid process media.

SBC Ball Check Valves are plastomer-lined for safe flow control of liquid process media, with integrated visual flow observation.

Swing Check Valves

Swing Check Valves are plastomer-lined to aid the safe non-return flow control of corrosive fluidic media to be handled in process piping systems.

Plastomer and elastomer-lined Butterfly Valves

SBP Butterfly Valves are plastomer-lined for shut-off, flow control or throttling of corrosive and abrasive process media, in either liquid or gaseous states.

Sampling Valves and Sampling Ball Valves

SIV Sampling Valves are supplied as either plastomer-lined or fully stainless steel for safe and representative sampling of corrosive, aggressive or even toxic process media from pipelines, without process interruptions.

SSV-B Sampling Ball Valves are available as plastomer-lined or fully stainless steel for the safe and reliable extraction of a defined sampling volume from pipelines or vessels – without any process interruptions.

Reactor Sampling Systems

SRS Reactor Sampling Systems are fully plastomer-lined, for safe, representative and enclosed sampling of aggressive or toxic process media from reactors and tanks, without process interruptions.

Systems can be operated manually or as automated devices, with an air driven diaphragm pump.

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