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3M Gas & Flame Detection is a global manufacturer of systems to monitor and alert personnel of the presence of industrial fires and gas leaks.

Bespoke gas and flame detection for chemical plants

3M Gas & Flame Detection combines its considerable field experience and industry expertise to help create optimised end-to-end detection plans tailored to a client’s individual needs and site specifications.

The company’s full project portfolio and range of industry-leading, cross-platform solutions allows it to offer an expert perspective, with efficient, effective products that have proven time and again to deliver high-quality protection for people, assets and the environment in even the most demanding situations.

Catalytic and electrochemical detectors for industrial operations

3M Gas & Flame Detection’s easy-to-use, future-proof detectors feature extensively field-tested technologies to deliver cost-effective, dependable safety solutions designed specifically for use in hazardous working locations.

Our products are integrated with smart infrared automatic sensor recognition capabilities, and allow for both catalytic and electrochemical detection. The devices’ opto-mechanical design also helps provide customers with the fastest optical response times currently on the market.

All these cutting-edge technologies are made readily available within our product catalogue, whether your intended application is for general purpose or for particularly dangerous environments.

Further integration options include onboard alerts, remote relays and 4mA-20mA, as well as HART, Modbus and wireless capabilities.

Toxic gas monitoring devices for chemical facilities

3M Gas & Flame Detection’s single gas and multi-gas monitors deliver unrivalled protection in confined spaces. Detectors are small, lightweight and have been designed for easy carrying, and are also equipped with large, easily readable LCD displays for maximum visibility.

Our reliable gas detection solutions are available in oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide models, and require zero maintenance for at least two years after purchase.

3M Gas & Flame Detection monitors are supplied in a robust moulded and rubberised casing that ensures high-impact resistance, and allows the device to be used in the most adverse operation sites.

Multi-gas detection systems for industrial sites

Over 15 ‘plug-and-play’ adapters are available, which allow users to ‘plug in’ a new board with a different gas range, facilitating detection of up to five gases with a mix of toxic and catalytic sensors, photo ionisation detectors and infrared capabilities.

Optional sampling pumps allow units to be used for remote sampling applications.

In addition, the company supplies solutions for mobile or temporary operations, team protection, area surveillance or places where fixed detection systems are simply not suitable, as the BM 25 multi-gas monitor provides alerts for up to five gases simultaneously.

Our powerful audible and visual alarms feature an operational run time of up to 170 hours, and are equipped with more than four months’ worth of datalogging storage capacity for continuous protection.

A maximum of 30 devices can be wirelessly grouped in a single scalable network, and up to 16 networks can coexist without interference.

Hydrocarbon-related fire detection for Safety Integrity Level 2 applications

3M Gas & Flame Detection detectors provide a response to unwanted hydrocarbon fires with a combined ultraviolet / infrared (UV-2IR) optical technology, helping eliminate any false alarms.

A wide range of output options come included as standard, and our flame detectors are suitable for use in Safety Integrity 2 (SIL 2) applications. They can be configured to communicate with a wide range of fire panels, controllers and PLCs, in addition to offering HART 7 and Syntel (Lonworks) protocols to facilitate addressable event monitoring.

Atmospheric gas regulation solutions for hazardous working environments

Our analogue and digital controllers are designed to continuously measure and control gases in the atmosphere, and up to 32 detectors can be integrated for increased cost savings.

3M Gas & Flame Detection provides one of the widest ranges of gas detection controllers available on the market, including wireless integrated alarm and control systems, USB modules for improved datalogging capacities, and expandable network systems with 16 channel units.

Visual and audible alarms are available, which have been specifically designed for use in industrial environments where very bright visuals and high decibel alarm signals are required to ensure worker safety.

Our alarm stations consist of a sequence of strobes and a siren with high-intensity strobe light of 60 to 80 flashes per minute.

The company’s audible alarm systems are capable of producing coded blasts or sustained tones, and warning light domes can be supplied in an array of colours such as amber, blue, clear, green or red.

About 3M Gas & Flame Detection

The 3M Gas & Flame Detection group consists of five internationally recognised companies: Simtronics, GMI, Detcon and Oldham, as well as Scott Safety’s gas and flame detection division.

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Press Release

3M Gas & Flame Detection Exhibits at FDIC 2019

From 2 to 13 April, 3M Gas & Flame Detection will be exhibiting at booth 2222 at the FDIC International in Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium.

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Reliable Gas and Flame Detection Solutions for Chemical Facilities

3M Gas & Flame Detection offers a broad portfolio of systems designed to accurately monitor and identify flames and harmful gases in industrial environments.

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Press Release

12th April 2019

From 2 to 13 April, 3M Gas & Flame Detection will be exhibiting at booth 2222 at the FDIC International in Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium.

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3M’s Personal Safety Division is pleased to unveil its newly unified 3M Gas & Flame Detection portfolio of reliable, high-quality gas and flame detection and monitoring solutions for the chemicals sector.

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3M Gas & Flame Detection subsidiary Oldham is pleased to unveil its latest infrared sensor solution, which has been designed for the reliable detection of sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) and refrigerant gases in critical industrial environments.

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13th June 2017

3M Gas & Flame Detection has announced its BM25 and BM 25 Wireless area gas monitor devices have been approved according to INMETRO n°179-2010 standards, and have also received n°15.0200 X accreditation.

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18th April 2017

3M Gas & Flame Detection, a leading global manufacturer of gas and flame detection products, has launched its new Gasurveyor 700 portable gas detection device.

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4055 Technology Forest Boulevard

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United States of America

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