LEWA Metering Pumps, Process Diaphragm Pumps and Engineered Packages

LEWA is a leading manufacturer of engineered process pumps for the chemical industry. The company specialises in highly precise metering pumps and high-performance process diaphragm pumps, as well as a range of engineered packages that includes complete metering systems.


Featuring a wealth of standardised assemblies, LEWA’s ecoflow range of diaphragm metering pumps can be customised for practically every pumping application. ecoflow metering pumps incorporate the Diaphragm Protection System (DPS) that perfectly complements the range’s proven modular design and offers safe control of the diaphragm movement during operation.

Besides modular standardised diaphragm metering pumps, LEWA can also deliver specialised solutions to meet the customer’s requirements. The design is hermetically tight, highly reliable and delivers the lowest possible life cycle and maintenance costs. It is simple to operate and service – diaphragms can be quickly replaced and a minimum number of dynamic seals are included. Process control is provided by the Condition Monitoring System (CMS).

LEWA ecoflow is the most progressive diaphragm metering pump worldwide and offers maximum safety for production and environment. The company also manufactures LEWA ecodos and LEWA micro-flow metering pumps.


LEWA continues to set new standards for process diaphragm pump technology in high pressure process engineering. With a pressure range up to 1,200bar, their process diaphragm pumps can quickly and safely transfer critical, toxic and inflammable fluids in a wide range of operating conditions. Ideal for use in the chemical and food processing industries, their pumps also handle extreme fluids with high viscosity, non-lubricating fluids or abrasive suspensions with ease. Acting as an interface to the process guiding system, LEWA process diaphragm pumps also offer online and offline condition monitoring systems for electronic control. Flow adjustment is achieved via a frequency inverter.

LEWA also develops and supplies complete pump systems, which can be easily and directly integrated into the complete installation. All components including control and protection installations are appropriately designed and optimised for the respective application.

LEWA process diaphragm pumps incur significantly lower life cycle costs than centrifugal pumps. Low maintenance costs are achieved due to long diaphragm up-times and long maintenance intervals.

Their pumps are designed for absolute safe dry operation, and are protected against overload due to the pressure limiting valve.


The company delivers engineering and on-site commissioning services for metering and mixing applications, and supplies both proven standard packages and metering packages that are tailor-made for specific applications.

LEWA’s metering solutions are delivered with modern electronics that enable both open and closed loop control and monitoring. The company also supplies open and closed loop odourising systems.

LEWA meets all requirements for new systems / upgrades from proportional control up to monitored and closed loop odourisation.

Facts and figures:

Headquarters: Leonberg, Germany
16 subsidiaries worldwide

certified according to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 by LRQA

pumps according to guidelines API 674,
API 675; 94/9 EG (ATEX)

hygienic certification: 3-A; EHEDG; FDA;
QHD; ASME BPE for systems

member of: VDMA; Europump;
Hydraulic Institute

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Press Release

LEWA Founds Subsidiary in Dubai

To strengthen its presence in the Middle East and the Arabic region, Lewa has expanded its existing sales office in Dubai into a legally independent subsidiary. LEWA Middle East FZE is headquartered in the Jebel Ali free trade zone in Dubai. Jim O'Neil has been appointed to CEO, having already h

White Papers

Improving Efficiency of CO2 and Acid Gas Compression

Capturing and storing CO2 is the most promising process for reducing greenhouse gas emissions as estimations suggest that the worldwide growing demands for energy will be covered by fossil fuels for the foreseeable future.


Ulmer Strasse 10

71229 Leonberg


+49 7152 14 1376 +49 7152 14 2376 www.lewa.com

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White Papers

Safety Matters

LNG facilities are built with state-of-the-art equipment and safety controls. The industry's highest priority has always been safety and security, which is reflected in its impressive safety record. In Japan, the LNG safety record provides a good indication of the industry's overall safety performance.

15th December 2015

Sealess Zero Emission LNG Pump Solutions

The development of hydraulic fracturing technology and its success in the last five years in unlocking the abundant shale gas resources in North America and worldwide has been described as the single biggest energy development since 1859, when oil was first discovered in the US.

13th December 2015

Technical Advances for LNG Pumps Aboard FSRUS

Lower capital costs, shorter on-stream time, lower coastal environment impact and flexibility - these are some reasons that led to the development of the floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU)

10th December 2015

Life in Balance

The service life of rotating equipment is dependent upon the successful operation of their rolling element bearings. For successful operation, a bearing should be installed properly, provided with a contamination-free environment, and sufficiently lubricated or cooled.

2nd December 2015

Speed Control with Cryogenic Submerged Motor Pumps

Using variable speed with centrifugal pumps is nothing new, but with submerged motor cryogenic pumps, it is now becoming more widespread due to the need to reduce costs.

26th November 2015

Unsteady Friction Models in 1-dim CFD

LEWA has been continuously developing its own software for pump-piping configurations. In recent years, we developed and implemented a powerful one-dimensional fluid dynamics solver.

19th August 2015

Improving Efficiency of CO2 and Acid Gas Compression

Capturing and storing CO2 is the most promising process for reducing greenhouse gas emissions as estimations suggest that the worldwide growing demands for energy will be covered by fossil fuels for the foreseeable future.

30th July 2012

Related Projects

Press Release

20th March 2014

Lewa has been awarded a five-year global framework agreement with BP to supply chemical injection packages for BP's Global Projects Organisation.

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2nd August 2013

Nikkiso, the Tokyo-based publicly listed manufacturer of fluid control technologies, recently acquired Geveke, the Dutch sales company and system integrator of industrial pumps and compressors.

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29th April 2013

Placing orders in the evening or on the weekend is the order of the day for small companies. Unfortunately, so is waiting for an offer to be quoted and lengthy price negotiations.

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29th April 2013

At the end of March, Lewa-Nikkiso America, Inc. acquired Integrated Process Technologies, Inc. (IPT), a Massachusetts-based company specialising in the engineering, design and manufacture of high purity process systems.

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29th April 2013

From now on, Lewa will market the progressing cavity and screw spindle pumps of Knoll Maschinenbau GmbH.

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29th April 2013

Stefan Glasmeyer and Dr. Martin Fiedler complete the new executive board.

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5th December 2012

Bernd M Stütz, chief executive officer of the Lewa Group, a leading manufacturing company of metering pumps and systems for complex tasks, is leaving the company at the end of 2012.

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9th November 2012

With the inauguration of the new Nikkiso Cryo Europe competence centre at LEWA S.R.L. in Milan, Italy, LEWA and its parent company NIKKISO have improved customer proximity and shortened the response cycle for cryogenic submerged motor pumps. At the same time they take the next step on the way to the creation of a stronger internal network.

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18th September 2012

The global activities of LEWA and NIKKISO keep on merging. The milestone which both companies recently reached proves that.

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18th September 2012

The global activities of LEWA and NIKKISO keep on merging. The milestone which both companies recently reached proves that.

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7th September 2012

It seems that fossil fuels will continue to be the primary energy source in decades to come. However, solutions for the accompanying problems - for example greenhouse gases - have to be provided. LEWA and Burckhardt Compression have taken up this challenge. In the future, both enterprises will jointly manufacture systems that increase the production capacity of oil while decreasing the emission of ecologically harmful gases.

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11th June 2012

Bayer Technology Services (BTS) is a well-known supplier of industrial chromatography products and services in the area of process technologies for the Bayer Group and for external customers.

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6th June 2012

The LEWA Group has a new-look website that is clearer, more informative and more appealing. Visitors of www.lewa.com are offered a completely renewed structure with detailed product information, services and innovative tools.

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24th May 2012

Metering systems in process technology have the task of supplying a fluid, under specified process conditions (pressure, temperature), either in a defined amount or in a time-related flow rate, or of mixing two fluids according to specifications.

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25th April 2012

Bernd M. Stütz, CEO of LEWA, has been named a senator after a decision was made by the Presidium and Board of the Economic Senate. Professor Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Science, presented the certificate at a festive celebration at the end of March 2012, in Berlin.

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29th February 2012

LEWA has been identified as one of the top innovators among the midsize companies by corporate consulting company Munich Strategy Group.

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6th December 2011

The developmental objective for the diaphragm metering pump was ambitious: the result is a solution for medium-sized requirements on a 'smaller' investment budget.

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14th August 2011

To strengthen its presence in the Middle East and the Arabic region, Lewa has expanded its existing sales office in Dubai into a legally independent subsidiary. LEWA Middle East FZE is headquartered in the Jebel Ali free trade zone in Dubai. Jim O'Neil has been appointed to CEO, having already h

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14th May 2011

PTFE diaphragm permits compact construction and offers cost advantages. On offshore drilling platforms, drilling ships, and FPSO (floating production storage offloading) space is scarce, and space saved is worth cash money. Operators therefore prefer compact, lightweight system componen

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30th November 2010

In the past four years, LEWA has had ongoing growth in sales and profits – putting it to the tenth place in the 'Top 100 Ranking of German Midsized Companies' issued by Munich Strategy Group (MSG). The Munich Strategy Group (MSG) specialises in strategy consulting for small and medium-s

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31st October 2010

The requirements of the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries for filling viscous media into smaller packages are constantly increasing with regard to the efficiency of the process management as well as the cleaning effort and hygiene. The piston filler traditionally used in the

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8th July 2010

With its compact dimensions, our newest development is likewise a benchmark standard. No other metering pump in this performance range (80bar, 120°C, 300l/h) delivers so much safety on so small an area. To learn everything you need to know about the new LEWA ecosmart diaphragm mete

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30th June 2010

When discharging or metering fluids, industrial system operators must often observe rigid safety and environment aspects and also meet the requirements of individual processes. LEWA's core competence is to offer solutions for these demanding tasks. The producer is globally recognized as one of th

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13th October 2009

LEWA has won a Frost & Sullivan 2009 award for the best growth strategy in the area of “European High Pressure Metering Pumps in Critical Applications”. The prize comes after already receiving an award from Frost & Sullivan in December 2007 for exceptional innovative power in t

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11th May 2009

In principle, all machine-building companies are faced with the same challenge: Products are generally interchangeable and so the celebrated unique selling proposition (USP) of offering unique products with incomparable performance, must pin its hopes on the world of marketing. Naturall

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11th May 2009

Operators in the process-engineering industries want to automate their central processes as extensively as possible while still satisfying cost and quality constraints. That becomes all the more challenging, the more frequently and severely process parameters change in production. Where

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11th May 2009

All equipment is subject to natural wear – process diaphragm pumps and systems must undergo maintenance and service work based on their duty conditions and operating hours. The key question: just when is the ‘right’ time to service them? Utilising the LEWA [email protected] telemonitoring system and the

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11th May 2009

Customers are increasingly choosing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient pump systems. Large shares of pumps installed worldwide simply convey water. The design requirements for such pumps are rather modest and standard centrifugal pumps are generally used. When it comes to pumps for pro

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21st January 2009

LEWA pumps + systems invests in the know-how and expertise that allows the company to define itself as a ‘service solution manufacturer’ and a system provider. Because it’s crucial to the company’s long-term success, LEWA is already focusing on the technologies of the future. As part of the Green

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27th November 2008

Until just a few years ago, the business model for a mid-size machine manufacturing company had a simple structure: dominated by engineers, the focus was on solving technical problems. ‘Made in Germany’ was interpreted as ‘providing optimal technology’. Today, the expectations of the market have

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15th July 2007

World energy consumption is projected to double by 2050. Today, scientists and industry agree that crude oil and natural gas will not be able to satisfy this demand, resulting in the need to develop and utilize 'renewable energies'. However, this does not mean the 'end' of fossil energy sources,

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7th August 2006

Scherzinger supplies a wide range of counterpressure and membrane systems for use in a wider range of chemical process applications. In process engineering, double-action floating ring seals are often used as shaft seals for large pumps or agitating machines. These must be lubricated,

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7th August 2006

The range of applications for Lewa's metering pumps is as extensive as the range of available material variations. They are available in stainless steel, Hastelloy C4 and even in titanium. The pumps are hermetically sealed by a magnetic coupling, permitting intake pressures of up to 60 bars.

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