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Edwards is an industry leader in the development, manufacture and supply of innovative vacuum products, exhaust management solutions and related value-added services. These sophisticated systems are an integral part in many manufacturing processes, including flat panel displays, semiconductors, LEDs and solar cells.

The use of Edwards’ devices is also becoming more frequent in an increasingly diverse range of industrial applications, such as glass, power and other coating procedures, the production of steel and other metals, and chemical / pharmaceutical, in addition to a broad array of scientific instruments and research and development (R&D) scenarios.

Product ranges include: industrial dry pumps and systems; chemical dry pumps and systems; oil-free vacuum pumps; rotary piston pumps; rotary vane pumps; vapor diffusion pumps; mechanical vacuum boosters; turbomolecular pumps; liquid ring pumps; exhaust management systems; liquid abatement; and valves, instrumentation and coupling.

Dry vacuum pumps for chemical sites

Edwards’ new GXS dry pumps are the latest step forward in vacuum performance, featuring advanced screw technology and world-leading high-efficiency drives.

The GXS range features advanced temperature controls and can be consistently deployed for long intervals without affecting performance, delivering consistently powerful pumping speeds at low running costs.

GXS solutions can also be equipped with an array of accessories to suit a variety of applications, which have been designed to fully integrate with the system and further improve efficiency and safety, as well as further reducing the cost of ownership.

Robust vacuum systems for chemical environments

Edwards’ DRYSTAR® GV80 dry vacuum pumps offer a clean, robust and cost-efficient alternative to more conventional oil sealed pump systems.

The device has been optimised to handle large volumes of particulate loads and condensable vapours to deliver a reliable and consistent pumping performance, while simultaneously reducing the need for service intervention.

DRYSTAR GV80 dry pumps are available as stand-alone units that allow for speedy and dependable, 80m3h-1 pumping performance.

Alternatively, they can be combined with our innovative EH500 hydrokinetic drive booster to achieve increased pumping speeds of 500m3h-1 for scenarios necessitating an increased pumping speed and / or lower vacuum levels.

Rotary screw vacuum devices

Edwards’ EOSi range incorporates intelligent control and variable speed drive (VSD) technology to deliver optimised energy consumption and formidable, on-demand performance capability.

The devices’ patented, highly efficient oil separation mechanism extends service life of the unit, while greatly reducing the cost of ownership. In-built temperature management controls help deliver a premium-level water-handling capability for increased versatility and flexibility.

The highly responsive EOSi is able to maintain a set pressure level during deployment, and subsequently adjust its vacuum speed to match the demand at that pressure, thereby allowing for energy savings of up to 50% compared with traditional systems.

In any given production environment, vacuum devices are not required to deliver their full performance for the entire duration of deployment. Because of this, EOSi units can also be configured to deliver varying levels of speed, pressure and power consumption for scenarios that require a less forceful vacuum process, for example during the pumpdown on load locks.

This has been proven to further reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs by up to 40%.

Two-stage oil-sealed rotary vane pumps

Edwards’ rotary vane (RV) dual-mode vacuum pumps are specially designed for applications that necessitate either high throughputs or high ultimate vacuum pressure.

These units are able achieve optimum pumping performance without compromising the intended application, offering a high ultimate vacuum down to 2×10-³mbar when set to high vacuum mode, and 3 x 10-²mbar in high throughput mode.

Our RV vacuum systems are now available with flame proof motors, which comply with the latest European ATEX standards.

Vacuum solutions for chemical applications

EDP pumps are based around our innovative and award-winning oil-free, non-contacting reverse claw mechanism.

These efficient and economic dry pumping units provide consistent vacuum suction, while eliminating problems associated with more traditional wet vacuum technologies, such as process contamination and the creation of polluted effluent.

Edwards’ cutting-edge CXS vacuum pumps and combinations feature advance tapered-screw technology to ensure exceptional, economical performance. These products are safety and containment certified to the latest ATEX IIB and IIB3 standards.

Solvent flush options can also be provided if necessary, in order to maintain maximum constructional safety throughout the lifecycle of clients’ processes.

Furthermore, North American CXS variants have been specially optimised for use in Hazardous Locations Class 1, Groups C&D, Division 1 Environments, and have been approved for NEC standards for Hazardous Areas.

About Edwards Vacuum

Edwards is a global innovator in the realm of dry vacuum pump solutions, and successfully pioneered the use of environmentally friendly dry vacuum pumps in the early 1980s.

We have successfully installed hundreds of thousands of systems worldwide to date, and our pumps have delivered significant benefits for our customers across a diverse range of industries.

Edwards’ industry expertise is incorporated into the design of all its solutions, and its extensive product catalogue contains various single pumps, pump and booster combinations and complete vacuum systems. The company is dedicated to supplying clients with powerful, effective products to address their individual needs.

Edwards is able to supply four different units with 80-400 m3h-1 capacity depending on the intended application, as well as ultimate vacuums of less than 1mbar. All Edwards devices comply with the highest safety and performance standards.

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Vacuum Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Edwards is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of vacuum pump products for use in chemical applications.

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