Japrotek Columns, Reactors, Large Tanks, Agitators and Mixers

Japrotek, a subsidiary of Vaahto Group, engineers and fabricates central process equipment in industrial chemical and other processes. Typical products are customer-specified columns, reactors, leaching autoclaves and large tanks with agitators.

Corrosion-resistant central process equipment

We specialise in corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steels, duplexes, super austenitics, nickel alloys, titanium and clad materials. Our quality control department is certified for X-ray, dye penetrant and ultrasonic testing.

Our works are located at deep sea harbours and we can ship large equipment in one piece. We are one of few vessel manufacturers with an own line of agitators that can supply complete process units and packages.

Agitators and mixers

We are a specialist in agitators and mixers for wastewater treatment, biogas reactors, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants, hydrometallurgy and other process industries.

Chemical reactors with agitators

We provide pressurised vessels for chemical reactions, polymerisation, condensation, hydrogenation, crystallisation, etc. The vessels are mostly equipped with internal and external heat transfer elements and are often polished internally. The agitator is chosen and dimensioned according to the process performed in the vessel.

Large engineered pressure vessels

Japrotek offers any type of large engineered vessels such as bleaching reactors and digesters in pulp mills, accumulators in nuclear and other power plants, filter and ion exchange vessels, and many more. The design and manufacture is completed according to European pressure vessel code, ASME VIII.1, Chinese and other pressure vessel codes. The largest diameter shipped is 9.6m.

Columns for absorption, distillation, extraction and stripping processes

We offer columns with all types of trays, cooling coils and other internals. Our tall workshop buildings make it possible to install trays with the column in a vertical position in order to achieve perfect tray horizontality. We can ship up to 80m columns with 6m diameter in one piece. Longer columns can be shipped in pieces and we then erect and weld on site. We can also deliver columns fully dressed.

Single and multi-compartment autoclaves

For pressurised leaching of nickel, gold and other ores as well as metallurgical residues, Japrotek designs single and multi-compartment autoclaves equipped with agitators that perform gas dispersion and solids suspension.

Japrotek can make use of several mixer designs for effective oxygen dispersion. All product contacted parts, such as dividing walls and cooling coils, are manufactured in titanium. The vessel hulls are mostly built of carbon steel lined with titanium because of the large vessel size in combination with the high process pressure.

Large storage tanks for chemicals

Large atmospheric storage tanks up to a volume of 10,000m³ or larger are extensively prefabricated in the workshops using automated welding methods. No oversized transport is needed and erection on site is swift, effective and needs little workspace.

In addition to the agitators, Japrotek can design and deliver the complete tank farm with piping, platforms, insulation etc.

Industrial agitators and mixers

Japrotek designs and manufactures industrial agitators for all liquid applications. The agitators are designed for low energy consumption. Agitators are supplied with motors up to 1,000kW, impeller diameters of 6m or more, and in any corrosion-proof material including rubber and other coatings.

Shaft seal is chosen among maintenance-free labyrinth seals, mechanical seals, hermetic magnet drives, low-cost lip seals, etc. Typical applications of the Japrotek agitators are:

  • Wastewater treatment plants where we supply from small flash mixers to the largest digester agitator. We invest in low energy consumption, reliability and low / easy maintenance
  • Biogas plants: all agitators from reception and hygienisation tanks to biogas reactors
  • Pulp and paper mills: side-mounted chest agitators, pigment slurriers, coating colour mixers and agitators in large chemical storage tanks
  • Chemical industry: agitators in reactors, autoclaves, tanks for raw material and finished products
  • Hydrometallurgical industry: agitators made of titanium in leaching autoclaves, agitators for very large ore storage tanks, conditioners, etc.

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Japrotek Oy Ab

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+358 20 1880 511 +358 20 1880 449 www.vaahtogroup.fi