AGIERRE Powder Transfer Processing and Containment Solutions

AGIERRE manufactures powder handling systems for production applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

The company’s commitment to meeting its customers’ processing needs makes AGIERRE a leading worldwide reference company for powder handling products that meet cGMP guidelines and UNI EN ISO, ATEX US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

Safety, productivity, containment, easy cleaning, advanced technology and customisation are key considerations for all AGIERRE products and systems. Designed to be efficient, flexible and safe, AGIERRE systems can be customised to meet client requirements and cover every aspect of power handling.

Vacuum transfer systems for the chemicals industry

The Vacuum Transfer System (VTS) can be applied both in the production area for the loading of reactors, mixers, mills, dryers, batching machines, fluid bed dryers, bins, tanks, and in the packaging division for loading filling and tabletting machines.

AGIERRE’s product range covers several different applications, from loading with a vacuum transfer system in a nitrogen atmosphere, to the gravity loading process with a range of primary packaging types such as bags, drums and big bags.

All VTS series, which includes Standard, Filtervac, PED and Hoppervac, can be equipped with a Clean in Place (CIP) system and is in full compliance with cGMP.

Dosing and weighing units for powders

AGIERRE provides accurate dosing and weighing machines for bulk material handling, which allow continuous and precise dosing of small to medium quantities.

Fine and precise dosing is ensured by the rotary and dosing valve, which is managed by an analogic electropneumatic system that allows the powders to flow freely.

All systems deliver a high performance and can be customised according to the client’s requirements.

Filling and emptying systems

AGIERRE designs filling and discharge stations for powders in super sacks, bags, drums, containers and cartons.

The big bag emptying structure is a modular system with a different combination. The product discharge is made without any powder emissions due to a well-designed closing and tightening system.

The system can be placed on load cells, making it possible to check the product transferred and/or dosed in the receiving system. It can also be combined with VTS through a suction hopper for connection to other equipment.

The bag and drum emptying system represents an ideal solution for emptying bulk materials without any dust / powder emission, ensuring OEB4 containment. A breaker can be installed under the machine and connected through a suction hopper, enabling the powder to be transferred in another system by a VTS.

The contained bag station combines the advantages of isolation technology with the laminar flow technique, providing a high-containment solution for emptying multiple bags.

Powder blending systems

In the powder production process, there is often the need to quickly mix powders with different characteristics, often within a contained environment.

Our Bin / Drum Blender Column and Tumbler systems have been tested in a research study. The results prove that, with an easy and integrated design, the machines homogenously mix the powders directly inside the bin or drum, eliminating the loading, unloading and cleaning of the mixer and avoiding putting personnel in contact with toxic powder.

All Bin Blending systems have an electro-mechanical locking system and allow the powders to be homogenously mixed due to the double inclination of the rotation axis.

Containment solutions

All AGIERRE systems can be applied in chemical production processes in order to optimise them and ensure the operator’s protection, eliminating cross contamination and cross pollution, reducing the clean-up phases, and automating the manual operations.

Engineering services

AGIERRE’s engineering department designs its projects to offer the optimum solution in answer to customer needs, with steady support from the initial phase to the final assembly and commissioning.

This includes product analysis, process development, process optimisation, commissioning and training, assembly supervision, FAT, SAT, validation QI/QO and after sales support.

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