FPS Food and Pharma Systems Micronisation and Containment Solutions for Chemical Environments

fps food pharma chemicalsFPS Food and Pharma Systems is a global leader in the development, manufacture and installation of safe and environmentally friendly fine size reduction systems and containment solutions for use in chemical applications.

We are proud to supply consistently high-quality products and hands-on support to our clients, starting with initial proposals through to the full-scale mock-ups, from factory acceptance tests (FAT) to standardised measurement of particulate airborne concentration (SMOPAC) trials.

FPS is committed to providing continued assistance to customers long after the delivery of equipment via expert maintenance and installation services, as well as suggesting possible upgrades and improvements to the company’s ever-evolving technology.

Containment solutions for chemical plants

We offer a comprehensive range of containment systems and regularly conduct in-depth consultations with clients to ensure all solutions delivered address their specific requirements in terms of protection, quality and productivity.

Products we supply include high-level isolation systems for sterile and toxic environments, laminar flow booths for the protection of materials in small volumes, as well as versatile cleanrooms for general-purpose applications.

FPS is also able to deliver a diverse portfolio of inert gas containment devices and pack-off systems to facilitate the safe discharge, weighing and packaging of powdered substances, in addition to extraction arm mechanisms to help minimise the generation of dust.

Micronisation mills for chemical products

FPS’s micronisation technology incorporates systems to allow for the widest array of fine-grinding capabilities, and our experienced, expert personnel are happy to assess customers’ processes to find the best system for their specific applications.

Our Spiral Jet Mill devices are optimised for target particle size distribution (PSD) below 30µm, and achieve micronisation via collisions between substance particles accelerated by high-speed jet streams. Target PSD is typically reduced to D90 > 30μm when this technology is used.

FPS’ QMill or PinMill systems, meanwhile, are an effective alternative to mechanical mill processes and are generally suitable for larger PSD applications in the range 30µm -100µm.

All Spiral Jet Mill and QMill systems are manufactured in compliance with cGMP regulations and come complete with feeding systems and filtration / powder collection units.

These products are specifically designed for quick assembly and cleaning, and may be easily integrated into our isolator systems to facilitate the processing of sterile or volatile products.

Research and development for chemical micronisation

FPS operates a purpose-built research and development (R&D) and test centre, which features three ISO8-grade test suites designed to carry out short-to-medium duration technical micronisation tests, ranging from laboratory to large-scale production-rate quantities.

The facility is also equipped with cutting-edge technology and instruments to ensure accurate assessments of process validity / optimisation, while protecting both the products and onsite personnel.

Micronisation systems can be specially configured to facilitate bespoke testing on a large range of size reduction machines, including our Spiral Jet Mills, looping QMills, and Pin and Hammer mill units.

FPS units are available to rent to allow customers to conduct tests on an ex-situ basis, with technical support provided by the company’s technicians if necessary.

Isolation systems for chemical production

The handling and production of harsh chemicals and other toxic products in gas, liquid or powder form requires the total separation of the product from the environment in order to ensure the safety of onsite staff.

FPS’s isolation systems maintain a negative pressure level combined with a turbulent airflow, facilitating containment levels ranging from 10µg/m3 down to 0.01µg/m3 can be achieved, depending on the chosen system and configuration.

This innovative technology is intended to guarantee clients the most effective processing power possible, whilst maintaining a high containment capability, by keeping the chemical process separate from the environment at all times via the deployment of closed, heavy-duty placed around the formulation machines. Air barrier units can be supplied when the units are being used for continuous operation.

De-dusting machines and powder suction units are also available to be placed inside the isolator systems themselves to provide an even higher standard of containment.

Isolators for use in sterile processes

We supply a range of containment systems such closed isolators or restricted access barrier systems (RABS), intended for use in applications that require sterile environments.

Isolation systems remove the need for sterile cleanrooms, as well as minimise volume of sterile matter in the vicinity of the chemical process. Unidirectional or turbulent airflows can also be utilised for the purposes of increasing ventilation.

FPS is able to provide isolation units for use in a number of processes, including:

  • Dispensing
  • Sterility testing
  • Aseptic filling lines
  • Vessel charging / discharge of sterile products
  • Sterile milling and micronisation processes

Many of our isolator systems come equipped with integrated decontamination systems to provide customers with optimal levels of sterility.

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Micronisation and Milling Systems for Chemical Applications

FPS is an industry specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of fine size reduction machinery and containment solutions for the chemicals industry.

FPS Food and Pharma Systems

Via Vandelli, 20

Como 22100


+39 031 543429 +39 031 540885 www.fps-pharma.com twitter.com/FoodPharma_fps

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FPS Food and Pharma Systems

Via Vandelli, 20

Como 22100


+39 031 543429 +39 031 540885 www.fps-pharma.com twitter.com/FoodPharma_fps
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Via Romagnoli, 3

Fiorenzuola d'Arda 29017


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