Bauermeister Grinding Mills for Particle Size Reducing

For more than 125 years, Bauermeister has specialised in process engineering and the particle size reducing processes. Bauermeister machines are used throughout the chemical and mineral industries, work across a host of industries and currently employ 25 people in Norderstedt, Germany.

Roll mills for the chemicals industry

Our roll mills offer accurate crushing of brittle to medium-hard products with narrow particle size distribution, a minimum amount of dust and minimal product heating. The corrugated rolls provide various crushing stages and are available for specific products. Key features of our roll mills include:

  • Easily accessible machine components
  • Fast roll replacement and reduced maintenance times
  • Optimal machine protection from foreign object passage
  • Low dust emission
  • Low noise level

Rolls are available in diameters of up to 250mm and 1,250mm lengths. We also offer our roll mills with the following options:

  • Magnetic separator
  • Parts in direct contact with the product made from stainless-steel
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Special roll materials

Motor-driven flaking mills

The Bauermeister flaking mill models, ZWG 601, ZWG 703 and ZWG 800, are manufactured using a massive and rigid welded frame.

The 600mm, 700mm or 800mm diameter flaking rolls are a chilled iron casting with a hardness of approximately. 530HV. The front roll is supported by double swivel-joint roller bearings in such a way that it can pivot to adjust the roll gap.

The rolls are driven by a three-phase motor over a V-belt drive; the power transmission between the fast and slow running roll is realised by a differential side V-belt drive. All rolls feature a patented product overflow system.

Our flaking mills are constructed so that they provide proportioned product feeding using a vibrating feed chute or a feed roll device. They also include a separate hydraulic unit with hydraulic pump and control panel, hydraulic cylinders to transfer the contact pressure to the rolls, adjustable roll nip pressure between 50bar and 80bar, and a safety function that causes rolls to disengage when a foreign object passes.

Laboratory roll mills for industrial grinding

Tests and test series in the framework of product development or small production runs are the ideal application area for the Bauermeister LRC 250 laboratory roll mills.

The goal of this system is the gentle crushing of brittle to medium-hard products from the chemical industry, producing narrow particle size distribution and a minimum amount of dust.

Using the same roll diameter as used in the larger production models (250.1, 250.2 and 250.3 roll mills), the results obtained can be readily transferred to these production series machines.

The drive is provided by one three-phase motor per roll, which has a continuously variable roll speed that is independently adjustable. The easy-lock-system allows for extremely simple roll replacement.

Laboratory roll mills are available in size 250mm (diameter) and 80mm (length) with a 2 x 1.5k drive. They are constructed to include the following features:

  • Dosed product feed via stainless-steel vibrating feed chute
  • Grinding chamber and bin made from stainless-steel
  • Manually adjustable roll gap via an external spindle
  • Individually variable roll speed for each roller, between 0m/s and 12m/s
  • Rolls disengage when a foreign object passes

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