Specialty Equipment Drum and Pail Filling Systems

Specialty Equipment offers drum and pail filling systems for enhanced efficiency and ease of use.

Palletized drum filling system

This is the most popular method of filling drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). Palletized filling is recommended whenever drums are to be stored or shipped on pallets.

This system allows three pallet loads of empty drums to accumulate prior to filling and three loads after filling. A powered conveyor is used after filling for bung and label application. The three non-powered zones at the end are for accumulated loads awaiting fork truck pick-up.

When a full load is discharged, a new load of empties is conveyed to the fill station and stops automatically. The operator presses a button on the handle to activate the boom and guide the lance to the bung opening of any drum. Release the button and the boom is automatically locked in place. Press the start button and the lance travels to the bottom of the drum. The machine will automatically ‘tare out’ the load and start a slow-fill cycle.

When the liquid reaches above the tip of the lance, the machine automatically shifts into fast-fill cycle. Near the top, the machine cycles to dribble speed to top off the drum. When the lance retracts, the operator presses the button on the handle again to release the boom and guide the lance to the next drum. A normal fill cycle takes approximately one minute per drum and the full pallet load around five minutes.

Semi-automatic drum and pail filling system

This system requires empty containers to accumulate prior to filling, with the bungs removed and left on top of each container. A scale-mounted powered conveyor drives each container on and off the fill station. The operator will replace the bung and place a cap or label on the container while the next one is filling. Full containers will be conveyed to a palletizer, accumulate in-line or be picked up by fork truck.

If conveyors are used, containers are transported to the fill station. The operator aligns the bung opening under each lance or uses a template. Once in operation, the lances automatically travel into the containers. The tare is automatic and the fill cycle begins in sequence. The system shifts into fast-fill mode. Near the top, the system shifts to dribble speed, to top off each container. The lances retract automatically, ending the fill cycle.

Portable pail filling system

This is a portable, semi-automatic pail filler, built with casters and wheel locks, incorporating a cord with a special wall plug. This machine fills flammable chemicals into one, two and a half, and five-gallon containers. A horizontal bar on the back of the machine is used to push it from station to station.

The operator aligns the bung opening under either lance. Once in operation, the automated lance travels into the container. The tare is automatic and the fill cycle begins. The system shifts into fast-fill mode. Near the top, the system shifts to dribble speed, to top off the container. The lance retracts, ending the fill cycle.

Automatic pail filler

This is a four-station, automatic pail filling machine with the following components:

  • Four independent, 316 stainless-steel filling lances
  • All wetted parts are 316 stainless steel with Teflon seats and seals
  • Each of the four lances has a fast/slow speed filling cycle
  • Each fill head has twin ball valves with spring return actuator
  • Each lance has +/-0.05lb accuracy based on a three-sigma curve
  • Four NTEP-approved, 200lb capacity Rice Lake scales
  • A NEMA 4 control panel with four weight displays
  • Controller is an Ethernet-capable Allen Bradley, Micro Logix 1400 PLC, with analogue and DC input
  • Touch-screen is a 10in color Allen Bradley C-1000 panel view
  • Automatic zero-tare of each container before fill cycle
  • Four drop-down rods with air cylinders to position infeed pails
  • Four air-operated up/down, twin-strand chain conveyors
  • Photo eyes recognize each pail position at the fill stations
  • Welded, painted steel frame and components

Stainless-steel drum filler and fume booth

This special 316 stainless-steel fume booth and drum filler will fill hot liquids, at 300ºF, into 55-gallon steel drums.

This system incorporates a drum filling station, a fume collection booth and a cooling booth for the hot drum to dwell, with an air-operated door between them. The system has a heat jacketed lance to keep the liquid hot and flowing, a special funnel to collect fumes, three sliding doors with interlocks, a powered in/out conveyor system, thermal gloves for the operator and windows on the top, sides, front and back.

The system features the following components:

  • 316 stainless-steel construction throughout
  • Electric heat traced lance
  • Hastelloy lance and valves
  • Area classification: class 1, division 1, groups C and D
  • Air-operated, slide-back entry and exit doors
  • A pull-out overflow pan under the filler
  • Adjustable-position plate for inlet ventilation
  • Clear operator splash guard
  • Thermal gloves for operator
  • Several options for exhaust connections
  • Other coatings or materials are available

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Specialty Equipment at Process Expo 2015

Specialty Equipment will be exhibiting at Process Expo in September.

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Liquid Filling Applications

This white paper comprises a photo book of liquid filling applications for pails, drums and IBCs.

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