Drytech Industrial Drying Equipment for Chemical Plants

Drytech, founded in the early 1980s, specialises in the consulting, designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of drying plants for customers in the chemicals, manufacturing, food and mining sectors. Our objective is to improve plant efficiencies, reduce costs and promote better products.

Consequently, the Drytech team encompasses the required balance of skills and comprises graduates in various disciplines, designers, production and quality control personnel supported by first-class administration staff.

Drying systems for chemical processes

Drytech is unique in the drying industry because we are not beholden / dedicated to any particular type of equipment or process, meaning that we are not restricted in our approach to drying solutions. Drytech prides itself in having the technology and freedom to provide customers with the optimal process, based solely on sound evaluation and testing.

We offer a wide range of calciners, coolers, dryers, roasters, toasters, treaters, evaporators and reactors. These can be placed in many different systems, including air jet-milling, cabinet, batch, conveyor, band, fluid bed, flash, spray, cone, rotary, rotary louver, rotary tube, turbo-tray, infra-red, web, freeze and vacuum.

Specialist industrial drying equipment

We provide a range of specialist industrial drying equipment for the chemicals industry, including:

  • Flash, spray, fluid bed, rotary drum, conveyor, vacuum, freeze, infra-red and cabinet dryers
  • Fluid media combustors
  • Agglomerators
  • Rotary kilns
  • Reduction kilns
  • Calciners
  • Combustion systems
  • Paddle blenders / mixers

Pre-drying and ancillary equipment

Drytech designs, manufactures and supplies equipment with a throughput ranging from a few to many thousands of kilograms per hour for pre-drying processes such as hot gas generation, mixing, homogenising, granulating, disintegrating, pelletising and extruding.

These systems can be used for a diverse range of products from breakfast cereals, snacks and agricultural produce through chemicals and minerals.

Backmixers and feeders

To achieve correct feed consistency and / or target output moisture content, it is sometimes necessary to bleed dried product and mix it with the wet in-feed. Handling a variety of products at capacities of 100t/hr or more, Drytech’s paddle mixers / backmixers thoroughly mix multi-product streams prior to drying.

In addition, they have proven particularly successful as product feeders. If the product is abrasive, paddles can be supplied with protective tungrit or other hard faced liners and the interior surfaces fitted with wear plates.

Heavy-duty shafts, gearboxes and bearings ensure a long, trouble-free life for the range of Drytech mixers / backmixers, feeders and double-helix mixers.

Moisture removal processes

Drytech’s in-house technology is well-suited to the chemicals industry. All units produced are in excess of 90% local content. A value analysis approach is used to ensure optimum cost effectiveness on each project. Full pilot plant facilities are available for plant and process evaluation.

Drytech’s extensive technology base is borne out of considerable experience in the field of spray drying, rotary, flash, conveyor / tunnel, cabinet, freeze and all configurations of fluid bed dryers. Past experience, reinforced by its own research, design and development, and manufacturing facilities ensures Drytech’s ability to provide for custom-built requirements.

Drytech designs and manufactures cost-effective, robust, proven, custom drying plants to suit customers’ needs and, to this end, the equipment provided varies in terms of specification, configuration and size. Services offered include:

  • Consultancy, providing sound and innovative technical advice on all areas relating to process and plant
  • Upgrading of existing plant to higher efficiencies
  • Supply of equipment
  • Full turnkey projects
  • Supervision of erection
  • Commissioning
  • Process development

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