Sandvik Materials Technology Seamless Heat Exchanger Tubing

Sandvik Materials Technology have manufactured seamless tubes for a wide range of applications and delivered to the world market for over 60 years. Heat exchanger tubing is one of several important and extensive product groups within Sandvik Materials Technology.

Sandvik Materials Technology’s tube manufacturing facilities can be found in several countries. Their combined resources, connected through a wide network of computer based information and planning systems, puts Sandvik in a position to offer a reliable supply of high quality seamless tubing products no matter where you are in the world.

Heat exchanger tubing

Heat exchangers are important components for the operational reliability of most process plants. Although the cost of a heat exchanger is comparatively low, in relation to the cost of the complete plant, its reliability can have a significant influence on operating costs. Choosing the right material for heat exchanger tubes is an effective way of cutting maintenance costs and increasing operational reliability.

Sandvik Materials Technology is one of the world’s largest and most experienced manufactures of seamless heat exchanger tubes, covering a broad range of materials from a full range of stainless steels to titanium and zirconium. In-depth knowledge of applications, process conditions and corrosion-resistant materials ensures availability of state-of-the-art technology and solutions wherever corrosion is a problem.

Fully integrated seamless tube production

Fully integrated production, from melting to the finished product, of all Sandvik Materials Technology’s materials has been a hallmark for many years. Close checks and controls throughout the entire manufacturing process ensure high quality and product reliability. Sandvik is one of the few heat exchanger tube manufacturers in the world that controls all manufacturing steps from melt to finished product within the same premises.

Filler metals for stainless-steel welding

Filler metals for welding a wide range of stainless-steel grades are included on Sandvik Materials Technology’s manufacturing program. The filler metals are supplied is straightened lengths for manual TIG-welding and in the form of coiled welding wire for mechanised welding. A complete range of welding products for surfacing tube plates and jackets/end plates in heat exchangers is also offered and in the form of strip and wire electrodes, fluxes and covered electrodes. Whenever there are questions or advice is needed in connection with welding Sandvik Materials Technology’s welding experts will assist for state-of-the-art solutions.

Think ahead – consider lifecycle cost

The two different ways of looking at the cost of products depend on whether you choose a carbon steel grade, a low alloyed grade, a special grade or a material particularly designed for being the ultimate solution for a specific application.

Short-term carbon steel option:

  • Low initial cost
  • More maintenance required
  • Greater risk of production stoppages
  • High lifecycle cost

Long-term stainless steel/special grade option:

  • Higher initial costs
  • Less maintenance required
  • More reliable operation
  • Lower lifecycle cost

Focus on special grades and materials

Sandvik Materials Technology is continuously allocating extensive resources in the development of new materials for enhanced solutions of existing or new issues relating to material properties of heat exchangers in the process industry. This focus on development over many years has resulted in a wide range of materials which are today well established on the market, and more is to come. Sandvik Materials Technology offers reliable and experienced partnership in tailor made material solutions for heat exchangers.

Straight or u-bent heat exchanger tubes

For several years Sandvik Materials Technology has been offering its customers complete U-bending packages for heat exchanger tubes. The size range reaches from OD 12mm – 38mm with wall thicknesses of 0.9mm – 3.5mm. Fully developed lengths are standard 32m maximum (35m on special request) and bending radii are from 1.5 x OD up to 1,500mm (1.25 x OD on special request). The advantage with ordering finished U-bends is that Sandvik Materials Technology offers a finished solution that ensures high quality ready to use U-bends directly from the tube manufacturing plant.

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