FirePro Systems Condensed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Technology


FirePro Systems manufactures condensed aerosol fire-extinguishing technology. Through a distribution network that extends to more than 75 countries, FirePro systems already protect lives and assets against fire in more than 110 countries.

Environmentally friendly fire-extinguishing technology

Condensed aerosol fire-extinguishing technology was developed as a result of the Montreal Protocol 1994, which banned ozone-depleting substances, such as Halon1301 and other halocarbon and chlorofluorocarbon-based gases.

Manufactured under ISO 14001, FirePro’s EPA SNAP listed-products are CFC-free and HFC-free, with zero ODP (ozone-depletion potential) and zero GWP (global-warming potential). Marked with the Green Label, they are suitable for fire classes A, B, C and F (according to EN2 classification) and A, B and C (according to NFPA10 classification).

Internationally certified fire extinguishing systems

FirePro systems have numerous unrivalled benefits. Most importantly, their reliability, effectiveness and credibility have passed the toughest of tests; they are listed, licensed, approved and certified according to the most important international standards for condensed aerosol fire extinguishing technology, including:

  • UL / ULC 2775
  • ISO 15779
  • CEN 15276-1 and 2
  • KIWA (NL)
  • Actifire (Australia / New Zealand)
  • BSI
  • IMO / MED (Wheelmark)
  • Safety integrity level (SIL) attested by TUV

With easy and cost-effective maintenance (no hydraulic tests, no weighing, no pressure / leak detection and no filling), FirePro’s pre-engineered solutions offer lower initial and long-term ownership, compared with conventional gaseous systems. FirePro’s weight and space-saving systems are also easier to install, with no integrity tests, piping, fittings or pressure cylinders involved.

The fire-extinguishing medium is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-conductive and does not deplete oxygen.

Modular fire-extinguishing systems for asset protection

The success of FirePro condensed aerosol fire-extinguishing systems is partly attributed to their modularity.

Linked with any smoke, heat, flame, aspiration, gas or other fire-detection technology, FirePro systems can protect large volumetric enclosures, such as warehouses and offices.

Autonomous and automatic fire-extinguisher system

FirePro’s range of products includes probably the world’s smallest autonomous and automatic fire extinguisher system, which can protect internally volumetrically small electrical panels or other power utilising devices / equipment where fires often start.

This has the important benefit of ensuring the fire is locally extinguished, preventing it spreading outside the source. Consequently, no additional fire-fighting means are required.

Condensed fire-extinguishing aerosol compounds

FirePro systems employ the latest-generation stable FPC solid compound, composed mainly of potassium salts with non-pyrotechnic materials, such as nitro-guanidine or nitro-cellulose.

Upon activation, the FPC is transformed into a rapidly expanding, highly efficient and highly effective condensed fire-extinguishing aerosol, which is autonomously distributed evenly in the protected enclosure using the momentum developed during the transformation process.

It extinguishes fire not by oxygen depletion or merely cooling, as depicted by the traditional triangle of fire, but instead by interrupting the chemical chain-reactions present in the flame.

Fire-extinguishing technology for industry and government

FirePro’s client base comprises companies from a range of industries, as well as official government sectors, including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Petrochemical and oil and gas (onshore and offshore)
  • Warehouses
  • Power (plants, transformers, substations, electrical cabinets and panels)
  • Nuclear plants
  • Electricity authorities
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Process and manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Railways and other public transportation
  • Vehicles
  • Wind turbines
  • Archives
  • Offices, government, ministries and public buildings

FirePro seeks to bring a better, more affordable fire-fighting ability to as many people as possible.

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