ALZ Process Air Coolers and Air-Cooled Condensers for Chemical Plants

Founded in 1990, ALZ is a well-established company specialised in the design and manufacture of air-cooled heat exchangers and cooled condensers (ACC).

Not only does ALZ have the required know-how, but we are also very flexible in handling our projects. With both our experience and the application of the best available technology, we have become well known in several industry branches across Europe, specifically the chemical industry.

Air-cooled heat exchangers and cooled condensers

Design and construction of our air-cooled heat exchangers and cooled condensers carried out by our own engineering departments and adhere to both national and international standards and customer specifications. Through all stages of engineering we use professional software applications.

To ensure and document our quality we work with a well-established quality-management system, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Process air coolers for the chemical industry

Process cooling with air as cooling medium is used successfully in the chemical industry and is becoming more important with steadily increasing costs for cooling water. At locations where cooling water is not available it is often the only possibility for the cooling of process streams.

ALZ process air coolers are designed and manufactured according to customer-specific requirements and commonly used industry standards such as API 661. The process conditions can range from vacuum to pressures up to 300 bar.

Air-cooled heat exchangers

For the heat exchanger bundles we regularly process carbon steel, stainless steel and special materials such as duplex. Others can be used upon request. Our supply of air-cooled heat exchangers comprises of:

  • Complete design engineering
  • Heat-exchanger bundles with welded bonnet headers, removable cover plates or plug-headers
  • Horizontal, vertical, A-frame or V-frame arrangement
  • Axial fans in forced or induced draught installation
  • Complete steel construction with ladders and walkways
  • Auxiliary equipment such as frequency converters and control cabinets
  • Erection on site and commissioning support

Air-cooled condensers

Air cooled condensers (ACC) are used for the condensation of turbine exhaust steam in power plants. The rejected heat is directly transferred to the ambient air through fin-tube heat exchangers.

The ACC units have an A-frame construction with cooling fans in forced draught installation. The steam is distributed via a steam duct to the heat exchanger bundles. Each bundle has an integrated reflux part to achieve reliable condensation and removal of non-condensables. Our ACC’s include:

  • Complete design engineering
  • Heat exchanger bundles with aluminium finned tubes
  • Steel construction including wind wall
  • Axial fans in forced draught installation
  • Steam duct
  • Piping for condensate system
  • Evacuation unit
  • Condensate tank including required pumps
  • Cabling, switchgear cabinets, instrumentation
  • Erection on site and commissioning
  • Training for operational staff

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