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GKN Sinter Metals is the leading supplier of metal powder precision components worldwide. Our global production and sales network employs more than 6,000 staff in 35 companies on five continents.

We have been developing and manufacturing sintered metal based on powder metallurgy since the 1940s. Today, we are one of the world’s market leaders for the manufacturing of sintered metal filters and components, with production taking place in Germany, and we have sales offices around the world.

Metallurgical powder products

We offer our customers a wide range of metallurgical powder products, technologies and services – extending from engineering and design consultation, to product testing and the manufacturing of even the most complex of components.

GKN manufactures and sells:

• Filter technology and components of specified porosity
• Self-lubricating bearings
• Sintered mouldings
• Powder metal injection mouldings
• Soft magnetic material
• Powder forged components
• High-performance plastics

Liquid, gas and hotgas filtration

Almost every industrial and scientific process requires separation or filtration of solid particulate matter from fluids or gases, often calling for the use of porous sintered metal elements. Ideal for deployment in a wide range of filtration / separation applications, sintered metal filters often prove superior to other filter media, and help reduce production costs. Using porous sintered metal material offers the following advantages:

• Structural stability, with components which remain self-supporting, even when subjected to high pressure differentials and fluctuating stress loading
• Excellent properties under permanent, impact, or oscillatory stress loading, or with rapid pressure increase (impulse or explosive)
• High thermal stability and resistance to thermal shock
• High perfusablity with a small pressure drop
• Designated separation behaviour defined by precisely specified pore size (filter grades 0.1-200μm for metallic powders and 1-150μm for sintered metal fiber felt)
• Chemical resistance to acids and alkalis for a wide range of pH
• Excellent reverse flushing properties, and options for cleaning with supersaturated steam, chemical solvents, thermal and ultra-sound techniques

The use of porous metal structures reveals a totally new dimension for improving efficiency and rationalization in a wide range of applications. Metallic particles of defined shape and size are pre-formed in a sinter process and then
metallurgically bonded. The interstices between the sintered particles form a permanent network of pores whose size and distribution depends both on the sinter material and the sintering process itself. Metal filters offer the following

• High temperature resistance
• Structural flexibility
• Long working life
– Corrosion resistance
• Mechanically loadable
• Reverse flushable
• Use potential as deep filters
• Use potential as surface filters (metallic membranes)

Filters and filter components

GKN Sinter Metals manufacture filters and filter components for a diverse range of applications. They help ensure the smooth operation of industrial and scientific processes, and high class product quality at competitive prices. Ever committed to continuing product development and technology, our focus has always remained unchanged – improving our customers’ profitability. GKN filters are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, and can be easily tailored to your individual process requirements.

Diverse applications

GKN Sinter Metals Filters products are made from a wide range of different materials. They are designed to match requirements specified and used in a diverse number of applications. That includes gas welding (sintered metal units functioning as flame-arresters), various medical technologies, environmental technologies, liquid filtration, gas filtration, crossflow filtration, polymer filtration, hydraulic fluid, lubricant and fuel filtration, catalyst recovery, sound damping and others.

Bulk powder discharge

SIKA special materials can also solve problems of handling bulk powders. They ease the discharge of bulk powders from storage containers. Needing only the minimum of gas or air, pumped into what is usually the conical part of the container, stored bulk chemicals and powders and so on, can be easily discharged, significantly reducing the common problems of wall friction and particle agglomeration. Furthermore, the gas itself is carried out along with the discharged bulk material. SIKA materials are used in industries handling bulk goods for:

• The aeration and conditioning of bulk chemicals, powders and so forth
• The manufacture of fluidization funnels and plates for pressure conveyers
• Homogenising bulk materials
• Powder layering (fluidized beds)
• Flow bed conveyance
• The de-gassing of bulk materials
• Gassing liquids

Sound damping of pneumatics

SIKA elements also significantly reduce the noise caused by air intake / discharge in pneumatically machinery and control devices. SIKA elements’ combination of high permeability and excellent sound absorption properties have proven to be more than impressive even with high flow rate air flow.

The flexibility of product form and shape, and a large selection of different raw materials, allows numerous options for product applications. The use of GKN’s porous metal filers in both industry and science lead to the optimization of performance and cost-efficiency.

Their stability under load, excellent filtering function and durability significantly contribute to optimizing the manufacture of your products at the lowest possible cost. All GKN products are environmentally-friendly and fully recyclable.

Customised products

Beside our large variety of standard dimension and available tools, we are happy to work with our customers on specific solutions for their specific requests.

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GKN Sinter Metals Filters’ pioneering SIKA-R AS and SIKA-R IS products

Our products are applied in gas and liquid filtration, dampening, sparging, sensor protection, bulk handling and many more. We offer solutions for high temperature and corrosive environments.

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