Warrender Process and OEM Pumps Sourced from Stock or Custom-Built

Warrender has been a leading pump company for more than 30 years, meeting challenging process and OEM pump system requirements. We have provided cost-effective solutions for customers in a wide range of industries. We offer a rich portfolio of products that are known in the pump industry for their exceptional quality and unsurpassed performance. Thousands of Warrender pumps are currently in service worldwide, providing zero emissions and trouble-free performance.

Supplying heavy-duty, robust pump designs built to the highest quality standards ensures the utmost in safety and reliability. Our selection includes turbine seal-less pumps, seal-less refrigeration pumps, ammonia pumps and pump power monitors. Our heavy-duty ISO-2858 and API-685 seal-less magnetic centrifugal pumps meet tough refinery services while our thermoplastic turbine and centrifugal seal-less magnetic pumps address highly corrosive services.

Our robust seal-less pumps can run your process free of leakage, contamination or toxic spillage.

Avoid handling potentially volatile, explosive or environmentally reactive chemicals – by operating 100% leak-free. Warrender seal-less pumps are constructed in a wide variety of materials and are available in an extensive range of designs to satisfy and to meet specific process requirements for chemical, corrosion resistance and temperature extremes. Warrender seal-less pumps safely meet ammonia, CO2 and Freon refrigeration system requirements.

Our versatile regenerative turbine seal-less pumps meet low-flow to high-head, low NPSHa and high-system pressure in chemical and refrigeration requirements.

Turbine seal-less pump

WMTA magnetic turbine pumps have the capacity to pump liquids containing up to 20% entrained gas, and are suitable for thin, non-lubricating liquids and / or high differential pressures.

Turbine seal-less pump features include:

  • High head, low-flow minimises bypass requirements and prevents overheating of centrifugals and high-head cavitation
  • Heavy-duty alloy casing and containment shell
  • No galling or metal to metal contact
  • Self-balancing impeller – zero axial thrust loading
  • High torque magnets, suitable for direct starting motors
  • All ports are raised-face 150lb or 600lb ANSI flanges (600lb and 900lb are also available)

Seal-less refrigeration pump

Warrender’s refrigeration pumps are zero emission designs with magnetic coupling technology. Other significant process advantages include: minimal heat loads, field serviceability, lower installation costs and compliance with EPA zero emissions regulations.

Seal-less refrigeration pumps features:

  • High efficiency impellers with low NPSH requirements
  • Permanent rare earth magnetic couplings that perform consistently even in extreme temperatures
  • Durable rear casings available in single or double walled non-weld design
  • Compatible with VFD controllers

Technical specifications include:

  • Flows: 1.0 to 2,000GPM (.2-454m³/H)
  • Head: To 1,000ft (305m)
  • Pressure ratings: 720PSI (50 Bar)
  • Power rating: to 200HP

Ammonia pump

Warrender’s CO2 and ammonia pump range is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding and precise operational conditions. These pumps are durable, leak-proof and resistant to corrosion, preventing costly maintenance and loss of production time.

They can be used for transferring and recirculation ammonia /NH3, CO2, Freon or glycol-based systems. Standardized close-coupled TEFC motors remove the hot windings from the process while meeting any electrical standard. Magnetic couplings meet zero emissions requirements with minimized heat load or flashing.

Warrender’s WMTA6 LN multistage magnetic drive process pump is designed for applications requiring low flows at high heads with low NPSHa levels.

High viscosity-slurry handling pump

Warrender’s Series VSS pumps were designed to address the demanding and arduous services in pumping varying viscosities, abrasives slurries, damaging solids, sensitive chemicals and polymer emulsions. The innovative disc-rotor design is technologically superior to the other pumping solutions on the market today.

Slurry pump features include:

  • Pulsation-free, smooth laminar flow with extreme and varying viscosities up to 50,000cPs
  • The pump has open internal tolerances allowing the disc rotor to pass large and irregular hard solids without plugging
  • Pumps the most severely abrasive fluids with minimal wear and no maintenance; these include lime slurries, borax, drilling mud with grit and rocks and ash
  • The disc-rotor pump design can be operated with zero aerated process fluid and low NPSHa systems
  • These slurry pumps meet a wide range of industrial processes, including high-system pressures


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