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Loher is a supplier of electrical drive systems encompassing the entire drive train including mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Particular compressor drives, pump drives, drives for ventilators, drives for cranes and winches and offshore drive products including thruster drives.

Loher drives, both in low and high voltage design, are in operation worldwide in the process, chemical and petrochemical industries, in elevators and escalators, in mines, in marine applications on ships, on production rigs and even subsea. Loher also manufactures for environmentally friendly applications such as generators using wind and waterpower.


Loher is one of the very few companies worldwide to offer the complete electrical and mechanical drive system. We have a unique position in our markets that enables us to offer customers our complete knowledge of electrical and process-related drive technology; all this delivered from one partner.


We offer a wide range of low and high-voltage motors and generators with outputs ranging from 0.1kW to 8,000kW:

  • Explosion-proof motors: non-sparking, increased safety, flame-proof enclosure and pressurized enclosure
  • Special motors and inverters: for market niches, e.g. wind turbines, sub sea, mining and high temperature applications
  • Frequency inverters: from 0.4kW to 6,000kW (200V to 950V)
  • Special motors and inverters: for ‘high end applications’, e.g. for elevators, escalators, cranes, conveyor systems, extruder, mixer and ship drives


Loher offers CHEMSTAR industrial three-phase motors for applications in chemical and petrochemical industry: an economical and ecological alternative with minimum life cycle-costs, meeting all essential technical requirements of the industry. Complete technical documentation is available on CD-ROM. Preferred types are available from ex stock.


Loher also delivers DYNAVERT T voltage source inverters with PWM and IGBT technology, optimised for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries. It is a completely equipped device series that is fully digitised with voltage vector modulation, with cable lengths between the inverter and motor (up to 300m possible without sine filter).

Optimum integration into process control by Profibus activation is offered, as well as optimum functionality with a minimum of connection lines. Additionally, transparent communication for commissioning, process control and maintenance is delivered plus reliability and unambiguous diagnostics in case of process failures. Improved availability is now on hand.


Loher is proud to look back to more than 110 years tradition. We are a medium-sized company, which means that we can assure our customers of the highest possible flexibility, together with the in-house capability for tailor-made solutions.


Our fabrication facility is located in Ruhstorf / Rott near the three-river-city of Passau. Every year, more than 1,100 employees produce about 50,000 motors and 3,000 inverters, mostly in special engineered designs. Loher manufactures electric machines and inverters according to recognized quality standards such as ISO 9001.

After the products have been supplied and installed, customers can rely on the first class quality standard of Loher and the Loher after-sales service; 250 service stations worldwide and in operation 24 hours a day.

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Loher GmbH

A Siemens company

PO Box 1164

94095 Ruhstorf



+49 85 31 39 0 +49 8531 32 895 www.loher.com

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Loher GmbH

A Siemens company

PO Box 1164

94095 Ruhstorf



+49 85 31 39 0 +49 8531 32 895 www.loher.com

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