Timm Elektronik Control, Measurement and Data Processing Systems for the Petroleum and Chemical Industries

Timm Elektronik is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of electronic devices and systems for control, measurement and data processing in hazardous areas of the petroleum and chemical industry. Our products are highly regarded by leading oil processing and tank farm companies in Germany, across Europe, and increasingly all over the world.

Our wider range of products includes electronic safety equipment such as card readers, and data communications systems for access control and process management in tank farms and other hazardous areas.

Grounding control device

When loading fuels or other non-conducting flammable hydrocarbons into or from fuel-carrying vehicles, it is absolutely necessary to ground trucks and wagons safely to divert the electrostatic charges and to prevent sparks, which may cause an explosion.

The new grounding control device EKX-4 is designed to carry out a controlled grounding connection to the object, while loading fuel into tank trucks, railway tank wagons, big bags, containers or transport barrels. It guarantees loading only in case of a sufficient low-impedance grounding connection to the object. As soon as a correct grounding is confirmed, the signal lights and the potential-free control outputs are switched over to release. If the grounding connection is interrupted, the device switches immediately back into safe status.Our grounding control devices are well-approved for use in areas with combustible dust.

Explosion-proof marine grounding system

When loading petroleum products and other non-conducting inflammable liquids into oil tankers, the physical differences between the tanker and the loading bay (for example, the cathodic protection of the sheet-pile walls) requires a sufficiently conductive bonding line in order to prevent sparking. The electrostatic charges, generated by loading fuels, are mostly diverted over the potential equalisation line safely, eliminating the danger of explosion.

With this in mind, the marine grounding system SEK-2 is designed to carry out and monitor the potential equalisation when loading or unloading tankers. A specially designed grounding clamp first interrupts the potential equalisation line, and does not connect through until it has been tightly fastened, which results in low-resistance contacting. As soon as the correct grounding is detected, the indicator lamps and control output switch to ‘release’.

All components are separately certified in accordance with the European explosions prevention directive ATEX 95, and built into a compact water-jet protected, stainless-steel switchgear cabinet (Protection class IP 65) which is connected to a standard 20m neoprene grounding cable with a ship grounding clamp.

Explosion-proof RFID card readers

Card readers KL5-R and KL5-RM offer safe reading and writing of RFID smart cards, with the KL5-RM acting as both a contactless RFID smart card reader and Wiegand card reader. The KL5-R can also serve as an extension of our explosion-proof Terminal LT-4-Ex, to which it can be connected via a secondary TExi bus interface.

The introduction of the new KL5-R and KL5-RM readers enables existing customers to ‘soft’ upgrade their card reader system to new, less expensive RFID smart cards without needing to replace existing Wiegand identy cards.

The interface of the new RFID smart card readers interface is fully downwards compatible with the higher computer system, and existing KL-4 readers can be easily upgraded without system modification. Both card readers can be combined with other TE DAT 2000 peripheral equipment data system devices; for example, the explosion-proof Terminal LT-4-Ex .

Explosion-proof overfill prevention control device

During loading the level sensors are connected to the control device, which automatically recognises their type (five-wire or two-wire sensors) and activates the required operating mode. Up to eight two-wire sensors, or twelve five-wire sensors, can be connected to the control device.

The EUS-1 control device also monitors the correct grounding of the truck, via the 10-pole connection cable, which continuously checks the vapour recovery hose connection by means of a pneumatic switching contact, looped into the grounding circuit.

In addition, the EUS-1 is equipped with several additional features such as control outputs, which are configurable to different operating modes, and a serial data interface. These features ensure optimum control and signaling during the filling process, and enable product management systems to determine why a filling process may be interrupted.

The overfill prevention system EUS-1 is well established in Germany and Austria, where it’s used by approximately 90% of tank farms and refineries. A wide range of accessory equipment is also available.

The EUS-1 complies with the latest requirements on overfill prevention systems for bottom loading tank trucks, and has been developed in full compliance with EN standard EN 13 922, ensuring full compatibility with all well-known manufacturers.

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Grounding Control Device EKX-4

For controlled grounding of tank trucks, railway tank wagons, containers and barrels.

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