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Acosense is a leading provider of non-invasive active acoustic spectroscopy systems for use across a wide range of industrial processes.

Our powerful Acospector technology has been specifically designed to offer easy, real-time analyses of process fluids and their properties, helping users optimise their processes by increasing the safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operations.

Online process digitisation systems for the chemicals sector

Acosense instruments are able to digitise clients’ production processes and enable the safe, continuous and real-time analysis of up to three liquid properties simultaneously using advanced acoustic sensor technology.

Our flexible and easy-to-use Acospector solutions can be used on a wide variety of industrial liquids, including those that are opaque, corrosive, abrasive or viscous in nature, allowing users to optimise their processes through the provision of precise and highly accurate operational data.

Acospector online monitoring systems are installed and operated non-invasively without interruption to the process, Our solutions have proven to facilitate significant cost savings and improve the quality of end-products, while also reducing overall energy requirements and the environmental impact of users’ activities.

We are committed to providing our customers with continuous online analysis tools that are more precise, smarter and safer to operate than other systems currently available on the market.

Non-invasive fluid analysis instrumentation for industrial applications

Acosense’s cutting-edge Acospector acoustic chemometer has been carefully developed to assist users in optimising their industrial processes by providing accurate, continuous online fluid analyses through transmitting and monitoring acoustic signals via the pipe wall.

The system is equipped with the company’s patented active acoustic spectroscopy technology, which is capable of delivering meticulous real-time fluid property analysis under full production conditions.

Acospector is a non-invasive, clamp-on solution, which allows the system to be installed under full production without contacting the fluid or disturbing the process. Additionally, in the rare event that maintenance is required, servicing can be conducted without risking personnel safety as it is located on the outside of the pipe or vat and away from potentially harmful compounds.

Our solutions allow operators to reduce variations in production and optimise the stability of their processes, which leads to a higher quality end-product, as well as cutting wastage and the amount of raw materials used during the production lifecycle.

Real-time process control solutions for chemical projects

Acosense’s systems provide users with exceptional real-time analyses and control capabilities, while ensuring the integrity of the process and safety of on-site personnel during operation.

The unique non-invasive design of our instruments poses no risk of contamination to customers’ liquids and allows them to discern and implement the most efficient usage of their raw materials.

Our low-maintenance Acospector system is easily installed directly onto the target pipe itself without fluid contact in order to provide a safe, dependable and hassle-free alternative to other available fluid monitoring solutions.

The technology features an adjustable reporting interval that can be configured down to just a few seconds depending on the customers’ needs, enabling users to see the effect of process changes immediately in order to achieve considerable cost and time savings.

Acoustic spectroscopy systems for chemical plants

Acosense’s acoustic analysis instruments deliver reliable, user-friendly operation, while avoiding common limitations found in other systems such as subpar accuracy, high maintenance requirements and risk to personnel safety.

Our robust Acospector solutions can monitor a versatile selection of specialised fluid properties such as fibre length, viscosity and particle size, as well as sludge and dry matter content, allowing them to serve a wide range of operational needs and project requirements.

The system can record up to three parameters at one measuring point and report the data directly to the control operator in real-time, which negates the need to use multiple instruments at once or repeat the analysis procedure.

Acospector can be easily integrated into an existing process control system, ensuring compatibility with customers’ existing infrastructure and allowing them to take advantage of the information provided as soon as possible to achieve the desired process results.

Acosense technologies are primarily employed in the chemicals and pulp / paper sectors, though they are equally suitable for food and beverage applications and any other industrial scenario that requires a quick, reliable and precise fluid analysis solution.

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