Rintekno Design and Build of Industrial / Service Plants and Facilities

Our experience, premises and flexibility allow us to handle every step of a project, from preliminary studies and process development to turn-key deliveries.

The production processes and the features of a plant are client and industry branch specific. The manner of setting up and organizing new facilities and revamping the existing ones is specific to the client. Production technologies in chemicals process industries involve the core of the process and its management.

Rintekno focuses on serving customers in a technological capacity in all these respects. ICT-services have to go at the same pace as development of the new technologies. In order to implement the process inventions globally, the clients need safe, efficient and versatile ways to transfer and handle proprietary information.


Rintekno’s mission is to serve the customer from the first process idea through the engineering and construction to the plant commissioning, start-up and process optimization. Our philosophy is to use our own resources for all the key engineering and project management disciplines for the implementation of a CPI project.

The characteristic of such projects is to specify each piece of equipment, device and system, procure them and manage the construction of the plant from those components (EPCM-contract). We may also serve the client by taking the responsibility of supplying the whole or parts of the plant, e.g. the process automation (design and build contract).

The engineering tools, procedures and resources are continuously developed to comply with the ever changing and challenging technological and regulative needs of the client.


To carry out chemical processing commercially, involving chemical conversions and physical operations in any chemical plant, presupposes factory-scale equipment and chemical engineering experience. Functionality, economics, safety, security, environmental aspects and many other fundamentals are the vital concerns for the client.

Our approach is to help the client to evaluate the feasibility of a commercial plant and carry out the project through each of its steps from conception through the detailed engineering up to the start-up and training. Our clients are supported by the key engineering disciplines, knowledge of the basic fundamentals of the unit operations and process automation. These are useful skills especially when creating a new process technology.

Our specialisation is chemical engineering in all its aspects. Modern tools for flowcharts, material and energy balance simulations, 3D CAD plant modelling, thermal and pressure vessel design and various safety, environmental and quality assessment meet the needs of wide range of industrial customers.


Building and operating chemical process industries is very demanding. The client has to comply with safety, health and environmental regulations and at the same time achieve the company targets of better image, performance, qualities and overall economies. This requires good processes and good management, but also cost and performance – conscious design solutions.

In addition everything has to be well documented. Our services cover the development of a web-based document management system used during the project. The same document data-base is essentially available for the client after the start-up to assure the conformity with regulations. To achieve and maintain a well operating process plant an advanced process control and information management system has to be build. Such a system, web-based remotely operable, is our RinSYS product available from Systecon Oy.

Other applicable engineering products could be RinATEX for explosion protection management in compliance with directives and RinVOC for emission management.

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Rintekno Oy

Swing Life Science Center

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+358 9 46981 +358 9 466 311 www.rintekno.fi

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