EST Ecological Systems Environmentally Friendly Waste-Treatment Systems

EST is a privately owned clean-tech company with a unique waste-treatment solution that breaks new ground in environmentally friendly technology.

Advantages of our systems include the ability of on-line treatment of organic waste products as they are formed, without any need to dilute the waste, minimal energy consumption and compliance with the most stringent international regulations.

Organic waste elimination for gas and liquid

EST systems treat organic waste in the form of gas and liquid, which is formed as a residue of manufacturing processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical, refinery and any other industries that use chemical processes producing chemical, toxic and hazardous wastes.

Our products include:

  • Gas waste-treatment system (GWTS): designed for treating organic waste in the form of gas (upper stream) on-line, without any need to dilute the original waste
  • Chemical waste treatment system (CWTS): designed for treating organic waste in the form of liquid, without any need to dilute the original waste

Both products run for thousands of hours in various locations, currently installed in Israel and with customers in Europe. The systems have seen successful results, including in efficacy tests conducted by independent laboratories according to the highest international standards.

Environmentally friendly waste destruction

Our vision is to create new standards and to transform the waste-destruction industry using a zero-discharge approach.

EST’s core philosophy is to:

  • Understand the actual emissions of every specific production-line
  • Treat the organic waste stream as an integral part of the production-line
  • Fully control waste management with zero logistics required

On-site waste elimination with zero discharge

The organic material is decomposed and deconstructed into an ionised gas. Through the use of high-temperature plasma technology, the chemical organic waste, including halogenated waste and halogen acids, is transformed into a non-hazardous gas and, in some cases, into usable by-products.

This process occurs on-site, at the customer’s premises. The disposed gas waste streams directly from the reactor ‘flange-to-flange’ to the system. This eliminates the need to transport or store organic chemical waste, saves costs and minimises the environmental risk.

Other features include:

  • Environmentally friendly technology and process
  • The treated gas released into the atmosphere has zero waste discharge
  • EST has an issued patent in Israel, Europe and the US for both its apparatus and method

Waste treatment process for "green" gas emissions

Our system is integrated into the customer’s production line, making waste treatment an essential element of the manufacturing process.

The waste treatment process is as follows:

  • The plasma reactor is installed directly at the source of the exhaust waste (reactor)
  • The molecular structure of the organic material (waste) breaks down into ionised gas
  • Ionised gas is moved to the quench systems for rapid cooling (output products include water, CO2 and halogen acids, in case of halogenated gas treatment)
  • Next step is an absorption system, or scrubbing system, to make sure that non-hazardous materials are emitted
  • Clean "green" gas is released into the atmosphere

Waste-treatment technology applications and advantages

The EST system is designed for treating a variety of wastes in the form of gas (upper-stream) and liquid (down-stream), including:

  • Hazardous organic
  • Toxic
  • Medical biochemical
  • Halogenated
  • Gaseous
  • Liquid and suspension
  • Industrial and laboratory solvents
  • PCBs

Advantages include:

  • Treating waste on-line
  • Real-time elimination of waste
  • Small system that allows easy installation in an existing production facility
  • The system becomes an integral part of the production process and does not require additional manpower
  • Treating the waste stream directly from the source as it is: no need to dilute the waste at all
  • Efficiency in ongoing operation: turns on/off when needed
  • Significantly reduces dioxide emissions
  • Zero waste discharge: the production line releases environmentally friendly gas into the atmosphere
  • Full integration with the production line: easy adaptation to specific stream
  • Electrical consumption with no depreciation
  • Eliminating waste transportation and storage
  • Easy to operate
  • High-level safety
  • High ROI: low initial investment and low operating cost

About EST

Yehuda Simon founded the company in 2004, offering the first plasma-based technology and systems that eliminate organic waste directly from the customer’s reactor.

EST successfully completed all necessary performance and efficacy tests, with results that exceed the requirements. The first full-scale commercial system was installed in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

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EST Applications

EST systems gives a unique solutions for treating organic wastes without any need for dilution. This white paper lists its applications, system performances and waste treatment results using EST systems.

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