Köppen Tank Container Transportation and Management, Container Cleaning and Storage

Köppen is a family-owned liquid transportation business that spans across four generations. We pride ourselves on providing a combination of experience with environmentally-friendly practices, which has made us the leading provider of tank container services in the Rhine and Ruhr area of Germany.

Trucking, on-carriage and combined transportation services

Our driving team and planning staff have extensive experience working in the Rhine and Ruhr area, in addition to the areas in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. With their detailed knowledge of loading bays, products and traffic infrastructure, and our fleet of 40 trucks and 50 light chassis, we can ensure tank container trucking services are delivered on time and to a high standard.

For longer transportation journeys Köppen provides combined transport services by rail or barge from or to various sea ports. This option is particularly useful for transport operators, as it is more cost-effective than direct truck moves and ensures the entire transport operation is maintained by one service provider. In 2012 we handled more than 1,500 transport cases from the Duisberg-based area, which is a testament to our effective transportation links and organisation.

Köppen also arranges on-carriage services for clients who are transporting cost, insurance and freight (CIF) and cost and freight (CFR) goods from ports to recipient sites on barges. We can manage and forward on deliveries of goods in tank containers from different operators, no matter the location. Wherever possible, we aim to use regional delivery services and can also include scheduled heating services for containers if required.

Tank container maintenance and repair

Köppen boasts a team of 20 mechanics and welders that, when teamed with the administrative staff, can ensure repairs and maintenance work on tank containers is completed in an effective and high-quality standard to ensure the container is back in service as soon as possible. Our workshop has between 15 to 20 dedicated workspaces for the repair of tank containers, and we even provide a chassis and special trolleys to reach difficult repairs and transport especially large containers swiftly into our workshop.

All of our welders receive regular training and examinations to ensure their licences remain up-to-date and are able to provide the high standard of service Köppen maintains.

Köppen also provides a wide range of spare parts, and can manufacture items like metal sheets and profiles according to specified measurements.

Road tanker and tank container high-pressure cleaning services

In addition to our repairs service, our workshop is also open for cleaning services for road tankers and tank containers from Monday to Friday between 6:00am and 21:00pm. Köppen takes great concern to uphold its environmentally-friendly policy, which is why we hold ISO 14001 certification and maintain a fully enclosed cleaning station to ensure gas does not escape.

For containers that require a deep cleanse, Köppen provides a dedicated separate section of our warehouse for high-pressure cleaning. After loading the container on a buggy, it is cleaned at a pressure of 2,500bar to rid the storage vessel of isocyanates. With our isopa-trained drivers, we can safely handle any methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) and toluene diisocyanate (TDI) cleaning required.

Container storage

The base of Köppen operations is our dedicated depot storage centre for containers. Upon entry, containers are transported to a water-protected area to guard against damage such as rust or corrosion. The movements of all containers are monitored using our dedicated depot software, and customers are duly informed of their container inventories and movements on a daily basis. Our depot can store approximately 800 containers, and it contains all the necessary machinery like cranes and a reachstacker to safely store all containers.


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Press Release

Bayer CropScience and Köppen Enter Storage Contract

Bayer CropScience has signed a storage contract for its Dormagen site with Köppen in Duisberg.

Köppen GmbH

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Press Release

8th July 2014

Bayer CropScience has signed a storage contract for its Dormagen site with Köppen in Duisberg.

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Köppen GmbH

Arnold-Dehnen-Straße 20-24

47138 Duisburg


Jochen E Köppen +49 0 203 4 29 93 0 +49 0 203 4 29 93 33 www.koeppen-du.de

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