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Sasol Performance Chemicals’ Advanced Materials Division specialises in the development and manufacture of high-quality synthetic alumina derived from aluminium alkoxides.

Our products are characterised by their excellent chemical purity and dispersability and we are able to customise properties such as particle size, surface area and pore volume in accordance with customers’ specifications to ensure optimal performance.

Our versatile products are used in a varied range of applications, ranging from catalyst supports, coatings and ceramics to polymer additives and sol-gel abrasives.

High purity

Sasol’s high-purity Boehmite (AlO(OH)) and Bayerite (Al(OH)3)) alumina are most often used as support or binder systems for catalysts in the chemical industry. They are also regularly relied upon as shaped catalyst supports as a result of their ability to peptise in the presence of acids.

Our aluminium oxides can be supplied as gamma, delta or theta Al2O3 and are created from the controlled activation of Boehmites of very high purity.

Our unique preparation process enables us to alter many of the product’s physical properties and characteristics, which allows solutions to be tailored to suit customers’ specific project requirements and intended application.

High thermal stability

Sasol’s PURALOX and CATALOX alumina products have been specially developed to be highly reliable support materials, placing them amongst the most suitable compounds for catalytic processes, while being particularly ideal for fluidised / slurry bed chemical reaction applications.

In addition, PURALOX and CATALOX are commonly utilised as base materials for wash coats in emission-control catalyst processes as a result of their excellent thermal stability.

Sasol closely monitors processing conditions during the whole manufacturing process in order to ensure the end-products are equipped with potent properties and are able to maintain their structural integrity for long periods.

High dispersibility

Sasol’s high-performance aluminas possess an effective blend of high purity and easy dispersibility, which allows them to be deployed in a wide variety of applications with superior results.

Our Boehmite aluminas form nano-sized particles during dispersion and can be used across an all-encompassing range of industrial scenarios, including binders for catalysts, refractory materials, sol-gel ceramics and rheology control applications.

Sasol’s Boehmite can also be utilised as surface coatings and polymer additives to improve the stability of customers’ materials and compounds.

Silica-doped aluminas

Sasol supplies a range of silica-doped alumina for chemical applications, which are currently distributed globally as ‘hydrates’ and ‘oxides’ under the brand names SIRAL and SIRALOX respectively.

These powerful compounds have both a higher acidity and thermal stability than high-purity alumina products and are able to retain their structure under extreme temperatures and strongly acidic or alkaline conditions.

The unique properties of Sasol’s SIRAL and SIRALOX aluminas make them ideal carrier systems for industrial catalytic processes that require surface acidity and a high degree of hydrothermal stability to achieve the desired results.

Customisable doped aluminas

Sasol’s SIRALOX, PURALOX and PURALOX MG aluminas can be doped or multi-doped with an extensive portfolio of specialist additives to achieve specific properties in accordance with customers’ needs.

Our highly flexible production methods also allow the distribution within the alumina matrix itself to be modified where required to ensure maximum performance.

In addition, we are able to deposit various dopant additives directly onto the surface of a pure or doped alumina in order to alter surface characteristics such as acidity or combine attributes of the alumina product with the advantageous properties of other compounds.

Our cutting-edge preparation technologies can also be used to modify the surface properties of shaped carrier products upon request, including spheres and extrudates.

Hydrotalcites and spinels

Sasol’s hydrotalcites are created by the hydrolysis of aluminium (Al) / magnesium (Mg) mixed alcoholates.

These materials show a higher basicity compared to standard alumina hydrate products, which can be further adjusted by modifying of the Mg / Al balance. The basal spacing can also be manipulated by the intercalation of a variety of organic molecules to achieve a variety of distinct properties.

We are also able to provide a calcined variant for specialist catalyst support applications, known as PURALOX MG 28, which features the single-phase spinel MgAl2O4 and offers a higher level of surface basicity than those commonly found in pure alumina materials. PURALOX MG 28 is characterised by a large, 100m2 per gram surface area and an excellent degree of phase purity.

Sasol also produces high-purity aluminas with excesses of Al2O3 (PURALOX MG 20) or MgO (PURALOX MG 30) to suit a comprehensive range of process needs.

Shaped carriers

The majority of Sasol’s alumina powder products can be supplied as shaped carriers, which are fabricated and shaped using careful production methods that ensure that properties such as porosity, surface area, purity and additional dopants are maintained.

Our shaped carrier solutions can be provided as tablets, spheres and extrudates in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to address a range of process needs. Individual parameters can also be modified upon request to offer maximum compatibility and optimal results.

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