Songwon OPS (One Pack Systems) Plant, Texas, United States of America

Songwon, the South Korean additives manufacturing company

Songwon, the South Korean additives manufacturing company, is set to commission a new manufacturing plant for the production of OPS (One Pack Systems) in April 2013. The new plant is being constructed at Houston in Texas.

"OPS is a combination of a number of additives that are processed into a palletised form."

The facility will have an initial OPS production capacity of 7,000t per year. Production from the new plant will increase the company's overall OPS production capacity to 21,000t per year. The company markets its OPS products under the brand name Songnox OPS.

The new plant forms part of the company's global OPS strategy being driven by a joint venture (JV) between Songwon Industrial Group, Pan Gulf Holding Company of Saudi Arabia and Polysys Industries of Abu Dhabi, for the manufacture and sale of the proprietary Songnox OPS (One Pack Systems). The JV, called Songwon Additive Technologies, was formed in December 2011.

OPS is a combination of a number of additives that are processed into a palletised form. It consists of a fusion of antioxidants and UV stabilisers. It is used to enhance the quality of products for moulders and compounders of thermoplastic materials.

Process technology used at the Texan plant

OPS is primarily produced by mixing several additives into one form. The additives can be mixed to meet specific requirements to enhance a specific polymer.

The process technology initially involves the storage of feedstock types, which are then weighed accurately in large silos. The weighed additives are mixed in an automated mixing system. Mixed additives are finally granulated and packed for supply. Songwon acquired the OPS Technology from Additives Technology Greiz (ATG) in December 2011.

Production of OPS at the Houston facility

The current plant under construction in Houston will incorporate similar equipment implemented at the Greiz, Germany, facility of the company. The facility acquired by Songwon at Greiz in Germany initially produced 7,000t per year of Songnox OPS. The capacity was increased to the current 14,000t per year in October 2012. The facility is comprised of five units.

Market growth for Songwon One Pack Systems

The company currently supplies the OPS products to raw materials producers and compounders, such as Dow, Samsung Group, LG Chem, SK Group and Hyosung. The company further plans to reach out to automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

"The facility acquired by Songwon at Greiz in Germany initially produced 7,000t per year of Songnox OPS."

The products vary from high melter blends, low melter blends, Nucleator and clarifier blends, ultraviolet (UV) blends, blends comprising of liquid components, low dust powders and tablets. The UV OPS range in particular has been designed for protection of surface properties, such as gloss and surface grazing in severe weather conditions.

OPSs produced by Songwon come as dust free, not easily affected by moisture absorption, do not compact during storage and are capable of incorporating liquid additives, which reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions addressing odour and fogging related issues during their service life.

OPS products are used to enhance the quality of products, such as plastics, synthetic rubber, leather and resins.

Marketing commentary for Korea's Songwon

Songwon, headquartered in Ulsan, Korea, is a group of 12 companies. The company has its presence in eight countries and is currently the second largest polymer stabiliser supplier in the world.

Songwon created a new company, called Polysys Additive Technologies ME, in 2012 in a JV with Polysys Additive Technologies. The JV plans to construct an OPS manufacturing plant in Kizad (Khalifa Industrial City of Abu Dhabi), which is expected to come online in 2014 with a production capacity of 7,000t per year.

The new plant at Kizad will further increase the OPS production capacity of Songwon to 28,000t per year.

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