SCG-Dow Propylene Oxide (PO) Plant, Thailand

Commercial operations at the plant began in January 2012

During June 2008, SCG-Dow Group, a joint venture between The Dow Chemical Company and The Siam Cement Group (SCG) broke ground on a 390,000tpa propylene oxide (PO) plant.

The facility is located within the Asia Industrial Estates (AIE) near Map Ta Phut, Thailand. The plant reached a key milestone in October 2011 by achieving stable production levels.

"Full capacity run was achieved in November 2011. The plant fulfilled all quality and production parameters."

Full capacity run was achieved in November 2011. The plant fulfilled all quality and production parameters.

Commercial operations at the plant began in January 2012 after completing the full capacity performance test. The cost of the new plant is put at Baht 3,000m ($91m).

Propylene oxide is used as a chemical intermediate in the production of materials including polyurethanes, propylene glycol and glycol ethers.

Hydrogen peroxide conversion process

The PO is produced using a process that converts hydrogen peroxide to propylene oxide, the HPPO technology. This process was developed by Dow and BASF.

Benefits of the HPPO process

PO plants based on the HPPO process are said to be more economical, require 25% less capital to build and requires simple raw material integration, using just propylene and hydrogen peroxide. The process is also said to bring environmental improvements.

Supply of hydrogen peroxide feedstock

The hydrogen peroxide required as a feedstock for the PO unit is obtained from a 330,000tpa plant which is being built in Thailand. The facility is being built by a joint venture between Dow and Solvay.

The hydrogen peroxide plant is one of largest facility of its kind in the world. The hydrogen peroxide plant is based on Solvay's process technology.

Supply of propylene feedstock

Propylene for the propylene oxide facility is sourced from a joint venture cracker being built by SCG-DOW in Thailand.

Background of Thailand's SCG-Dow Group

SCG-DOW Group is a joint venture established in 1987.

"SCG-DOW Group is a joint venture established in 1987."

The group is comprised of four joint venture companies that supply markets across Asia Pacific with a range of products including styrene monomer, styrene-butadiene latex and polyethylene.

The propylene oxide is part of the Thai Growth Project launched by the JV. The project included the construction of five new plants which were integrated with the existing production facilities.

All five plants were completed and commissioned in March 2012.

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