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Projects By Region: Australasia

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Latest Industry Projects In Australasia

Motunui Methanol Plant, Taranaki
Methanex resumed production from the second train of its Motunui methanol plant in July 2012. The Motunui methanol plant is located in the province of Taranaki on the west coast of New...
Huntsman Chemicals Styrene Plant, West Footscray
Huntsman Chemical Company Australia's (HCAA) styrene plant in West Footscray, Australia, produces industrial chemicals such as styrene monomer, polystyrene and...

Burrup Fertilisers Ammonia Plant
In April 2006, Burrup Fertilisers' 760,000tpa liquid ammonia fertiliser plant was officially opened by the Australian prime...

Burrup Peninsula Ammonia and Urea Fertiliser Plant, Australia
Plenty River Corporation and Chambal Fertilisers planned to construct an ammonia / urea fertiliser plant on the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia, near...

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