Evonik Industries Speciality Surfactants Facility, China

Evonik Industries Speciality Surfactants Facility

Speciality chemicals company Evonik Industries, a subsidiary of RAG Foundation, launched a new organic speciality surfactants production facility in Shanghai, China, in October 2013.

"The new Chinese production facility will enable the company to respond flexibly to customer requirements."

The 80,000tpa facility is located at Evonik's Multi-User-Site (MUSC) in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), which is in close proximity to the Yangtze River Delta economic zone. The construction work on the plant began in the first half of 2011.

The new Chinese production facility will enable the company to respond flexibly to customer requirements. It has created employment for around 80 people in initial operational stages.

Evonik has a similar facility in Bekasi, Indonesia, which caters primarily to manufacturers of the personal and household care products in south-east Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Evonik has also expanded its research and development (R&D) centre in Shanghai with an investment of €23m in October 2013. It aims to focus on innovation and sustainability with the new Shanghai plant and expanded R&D centre.

Products manufactured by Evonik's new Chinese facility

The Shanghai facility will concentrate on production of product groups, including amphoteric surfactants, amidoamines, esters, alkoxylates and quats.

Various technologies are used for the production, which allows Evonik to provide a wide range of locally manufactured products, such as speciality surfactants from renewable resources, which are used in personal care and hygiene products, household cleaning agents, as well as in industrial applications.

Environmental benefits of Evonik's speciality surfactants plant

Evonik Industries is initiating steps to set standards in aspects of environmental technology, quality and reliability at the new surfactants plant. New emissions controls, a two-step water treatment system and modern technology were put in place in order to achieve the same.

Cosmetic products market in Asia

Asia has a steadily growing market for laundry care products as consumers seek a more comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. The Chinese cosmetics market, which is Asia's largest, has registered a growth of more than ten percent and expectations for the future also seem promising.

"The 80,000tpa facility is located at Evonik's Multi-User-Site (MUSC) in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP)."

Similar is the case with the Chinese market for cosmetic ingredients, whose growth is being fuelled by a flourishing middle class.

The consumer behaviour in this class is changing with increasing awareness of quality and product performance. Increasing priority to well-being and sustainability are contributing to the market growth.

The new Chinese plant is built as part of Evonik's strategy to sustainably expand its business in Asia. The Shanghai plant, expected to consolidate the company's position in the Chinese market, is also a strategic model for the company's investments in other growing Asian markets.

Evonik Industries in China

Evonik Industries has had presence in the Greater China region (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) since the late 1970s. It has been involved throughout in producing speciality chemical products. The company views this region as one of the key propelling forces of the global economy.

Evonik has a workforce of around 3,500 and its regional sales surpassed €1bn in 2012 in China. It has more than ten plants in the Greater China region, with a few support offices.

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