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04 December 2016
Latest Companies

Edwards Vacuum - Vacuum Equipment and Solutions

Malvern Instruments - Analytical Solutions for Manufacturing Productivity

Emerson Automation Solutions - Measurement Instrumentation, Analytical, Final Control, Regulators, Systems and Services

Eurotainer - Tank Containers for Liquids and Gases

IDCON - Consultants for Reliablity and Maintenance at Chemicals Plants

Press Releases

Eurotainer to Attend APLA 2016
Eurotainer is pleased to announce its attendance at the 36th Latin American Petrochemical Annual Meeting on 19-22 November 2016.

Italvacuum to Attend at PHARMTECH 2016
Italvacuum, international manufacturer of vacuum dryers and vacuum pumps for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, is going to participate at PHARMTECH 2016, the largest international exhibition in Russia and the CIS.

Eurotainer Brisbane Office Moves to New Location
Effective immediately, our office in Brisbane, Australia has moved to a new location.

Best Practices for Characterizing and Manufacturing Battery Slurries and Electrodes - Europe / US Virtual Seminar
The market for batteries is rapidly growing, and the increased demand for portable electronic devices, including mobile phones and laptops requires greater advances in battery technology in order to provide a lightweight, long-lasting and stable power source.

Eurotainer Launches New Website
Utilizing the latest advances in website design and graphics, Eurotainer has launched their new website.

White Papers

LNG – What Are You Looking At?
A 360° film from HEROSE about the compatibility of nature and modern shipping was the eye catcher at the SMM in Hamburg and generated a record number of new...

A Basic Introduction to Rheology
Rheology is as much about the deformation of solid-like...

Size Reduction Equipment from Atlantic Coast Crushers
Atlantic Coast Crushers manufactures and sells innovative size reduction machinery for use in the chemical process...

Five Compelling Reasons to Replace Sieve Analysis with Laser Diffraction
Sieving remains in use across the manufacturing industry due to its low cost, simplicity, and ability to measure relatively coarse particles up to several centimetres in size....

Number and Volume Size Distributions
The nature of a particle size distribution analysis is dependent upon the manner in which the particles involved are weighted....


October’s top stories: Clariant's polypropylene catalyst plant, Celanese to buy SO.F.TER Group
Clariant has opened its new polypropylene catalyst production facility, Celanese Corporation to acquire Italy-based SO.F.TER Group. Chemicals-technology.com wraps-up the key headlines from October, 2016.

September's top stories: Fluor finishes BASF works, Lanxess to buy Chemtura
Fluor completed all mechanical and associated infrastructure works for BASF PETRONAS Chemicals in Kuantan, Malaysia; Lanxess signed a definitive agreement to acquire US-based Chemtura Corporation, a provider of flame-retardant and lubricant additives. Chemicals-technology.com wraps-up the key headlines from September.

August's top stories: AkzoNobel's coatings plant, Enerkem's Edmonton facility
AkzoNobel started construction of its new powder coatings plant in Mumbai, India; Enerkem gained certification from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) for its Enerkem Alberta Biofuels facility in Edmonton. Chemicals-technology.com wraps-up the key headlines from August.

July's top stories: Emery Oleochemicals expands operations, Grace BASF polyolefin catalysts business
Emery Oleochemicals has expanded its technical development centre (TDC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. WR Grace has completed the acquisition of BASF's Polyolefin Catalysts business for an undisclosed amount. Chemicals-technology.com wraps up the key headlines from July.

June's top stories: Shell to build in Pennsylvania, Albemarle-BASF $3.2bn deal
Shell Chemical Appalachia revealed plans to build a new petrochemical complex near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US, while Albemarle signed an agreement to sell its Chemetall surface treatment business to BASF for $3.2bn. Chemicals-technology.com wraps-up the key headlines from June.


Incitec Pivot's Ammonia Plant, Louisiana
Incitec Pivot, through its subsidiary Dyno Nobel, constructed its seventh ammonia plant at Cornerstone's Fortier Manufacturing Complex in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, US.

Lanxess Butyl Rubber Facility
On 18 January 2010, Germany-based speciality chemicals group LANXESS announced plans of constructing a butyl rubber plant on Jurong Island in Singapore.

Tatarstan Fertiliser Complex, Volga Federal District
Located approximately 1,000km east of Moscow, Russia, the Tatarstan fertiliser complex is the biggest project of its kind in Russia over the past 20 years.

Invista’s Integrated Nylon 6,6 Polymer Facility, Shanghai
Invista broke ground for the construction of a new hexamethylene diamine (HMD) plant and a nylon 6,6 polymer plant at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in China, in March 2014.

Braskem-Idesa Integrated Polyethylene Production Plant, Veracruz
Braskem-Idesa built a new integrated polyethylene production complex in Mexico. The project, named Ethylene XXI, is the largest private petrochemical facility in Mexico.

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