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21 April 2015
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Atlantic Coast Crushers - Crushers and Lumpbreakers

BlueCielo - The Leading AIM and EngCM Solution for Chemicals

Teslin® substrate - Durable and Secure Synthetic Paper for GHS Compliant Labels and Packaging

Malvern Instruments - Analytical Solutions for Manufacturing Productivity

EST Ecological Systems - Environmentally Friendly Waste-Treatment Systems

Press Releases

Micromeritics Announces Instrument Grant to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Micromeritics’ Instrument Grant Committee has recently selected its latest grant recipient. A 3Flex surface characterization analyzer has been awarded to the civil and environmental engineering department of MIT.

Micromeritics Introduces Cloud-based Analytics, Reporting and Collaboration with MicroActive Share
Micromeritics announces the availability of MicroActive Share, a cloud-based infrastructure in its product portfolio. This release provides a new platform for bringing together internal and external data protected in a cloud environment for its academic customers and frees users from only being able to access their data from within the lab and enables simultaneous use by unlimited members.

April 2015 Newsletter
The liquid food industry requires more than a simple drum filling system. In this case, sanitary conditions are required, because avoiding contamination is the highest priority on a production line filling one 55 gallon drum every minute, 16 hours a day.

EKATO Exhibiting at ACHEMA 2015
EKATO is pleased to announced that it will be exhibiting at ACHEMA, which is the leading show for the process industries.

March 2015 Newsletter
A worldwide manufacturer of industrial cleaning products decided to take a look at Specialty Equipment's drum and tote filling machines.

White Papers

AODD pumps: The Workhorse for All Applications
Throughout almost every area of industry, a role exists for the air-operated double diaphragm (AODD)...

Addressing the Needs of Drug Discovery with the MicroCal PEAQ-ITC Instruments
Measurements and characterization of binding interactions between proteins and low-molecular weight ligands are fundamental for drug discovery. Among the most recognized challenges...

Use of the New Microcal PEAQ-ITC System for Measurement and Characterization of a Broad Range of Protein-LMW Compound Interactions
Measurement and characterization of binding interactions between proteins and lowmolecular weight (LMW) ligands are a focus of academic research and drug discovery....

Microcal ITC Systems: Understanding Biomolecular Interactions
Isothermal titration microcalorimetry (ITC) is an essential tool in drug discovery and the study and regulation of protein interactions. Having been developed specifically to meet the needs of...

An Engineer's Three Step Guide to Selecting a Static Grounding Solution
Hazop assessments, and the reports that follow on from them, are a great way of capturing and identifying processes and practices that could lead to the ignition of flammable atmospheres...


March’s top stories: Dow Chemical’s $5bn deal, Lanxess's rubber restructuring
Dow Chemical announced plans to separate and merge chlor-alkali assets with Olin in $5bn deal, Lanxess planned restructuring its rubber production activities, and Evonik Industries was reportedly looking to bid for Clariant that would create more than €20bn worth entity. Chemicals-technology.com wraps-up the key headlines from March 2015.

February’s top stories: BASF and Toda Kogyo JV, FMC sells soda ash unit
BASF and Toda Kogyo formed a cathode active materials joint venture in Japan, Egyptian and Kuwaiti companies partnered on $6.8bn of petrochemical and phosphate fertiliser projects, and FMC agreed to sell its Alkali Chemicals division to Tronox. Chemicals-technology.com wraps-up the key headlines from February 2015.

January’s top stories: Shell $11bn deal with Iraq, DuPont and Chenguang form JV
Shell signs $11bn deal with Iraq Government to build a petrochemicals complex, University of Delaware researchers develop a new chemical detector device, and DuPont and Chenguang form new fluoroelastomers joint venture, Chemicals-technology.com wraps-up the key headlines from January.

2014: The year's biggest Chemicals Technology stories
PTT and Saudi Aramco partnered for a $22bn refinery and petrochemical complex in Vietnam, US scientists found a new way of predicting chemical reactions through vibrations in chemical bonds, while a University of Manchester scientist created a new star-shaped molecule. Chemicals-technology.com wraps-up the key headlines from 2014.

November’s top stories: Lanxess plans 1,200 job cuts, Dow’s $1.21bn subsidiary sale
Lanxess announced plans to slash 1,200 jobs, Dow Chemical sold its Angus Chemical subsidiary to Golden Gate Capital for $1.21bn, while Samsung agreed to sell its chemical and defence operations for $1.7bn, Chemicals-technology.com wraps-up the key headlines from November.


Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project (GoBiGas)
GoBiGas (Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project) is a two-phased project for the production of biogas / bio-synthetic natural gas (Bio-SNG) through thermal gasification of forest residues.

Abengoa Cellulosic Ethanol Biorefinery, Kansas
Spanish sustainable technology company Abengoa Bioenergy (Abengoa) officially opened its commercial scale integrated biorefinery for the production of ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass in Hugoton in Kansas, US, in October 2014.

Natgasoline's Methanol Plant, Beaumont, Texas
OCI subsidiary Natgasoline is building a methanol plant at Beaumont, Texas, which is touted to become the biggest methanol plant in the US, based on the production capacity.

DuPont's Commercial-Scale Cellulosic Ethanol Facility, Nevada, Iowa
DuPont's new commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol facility under construction in Nevada, Iowa, US, is set for completion in 2015.

BASF Chemical Catalysts Manufacturing Plant, Shanghai
The world's biggest chemical company BASF announced plans to build its first process catalysts manufacturing plant in Asia Pacific in December 2014. The new plant will be built at the company's existing site in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in Caojing, Shanghai, China.

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