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03 December 2016
Industry News

MHI to build ExxonMobil's polyethylene production train in Beaumont, US
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has secured an order to provide reaction, finishing, shipping equipment and other systems for ExxonMobil's new large-scale polyethylene production train in Beaumont, US.

Evonik to buy Metex technology for fermentative production of methionine
Germany-based specialty chemicals group Evonik Industries has agreed to purchase a technology package from French industrial biochemistry company Metex EXplorer for fermentative production of methionine.

UK consortium and NNPC to invest $340m in ethanol plant in Benue, Nigeria
A UK-based consortium is set to contribute $340m to help build a new ethanol plant in Benue, under a partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Sumitomo Chemical opens new R&D centre in Brazil
Japan's Sumitomo Chemical has opened its first research and development (R&D) facility in Brazil called the Latin America Research Centre (LARC).

Press Releases

Eurotainer to Attend APLA 2016
Eurotainer is pleased to announce its attendance at the 36th Latin American Petrochemical Annual Meeting on 19-22 November 2016.

Italvacuum to Attend at PHARMTECH 2016
Italvacuum, international manufacturer of vacuum dryers and vacuum pumps for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, is going to participate at PHARMTECH 2016, the largest international exhibition in Russia and the CIS.

Eurotainer Brisbane Office Moves to New Location
Effective immediately, our office in Brisbane, Australia has moved to a new location.

Best Practices for Characterizing and Manufacturing Battery Slurries and Electrodes - Europe / US Virtual Seminar
The market for batteries is rapidly growing, and the increased demand for portable electronic devices, including mobile phones and laptops requires greater advances in battery technology in order to provide a lightweight, long-lasting and stable power source.

Eurotainer Launches New Website
Utilizing the latest advances in website design and graphics, Eurotainer has launched their new website.

White Papers

LNG – What Are You Looking At?
A 360° film from HEROSE about the compatibility of nature and modern shipping was the eye catcher at the SMM in Hamburg and generated a record number of new...

A Basic Introduction to Rheology
Rheology is as much about the deformation of solid-like...

Size Reduction Equipment from Atlantic Coast Crushers
Atlantic Coast Crushers manufactures and sells innovative size reduction machinery for use in the chemical process...

Five Compelling Reasons to Replace Sieve Analysis with Laser Diffraction
Sieving remains in use across the manufacturing industry due to its low cost, simplicity, and ability to measure relatively coarse particles up to several centimetres in size....

Number and Volume Size Distributions
The nature of a particle size distribution analysis is dependent upon the manner in which the particles involved are weighted....

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