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07 October 2015
Industry News

Praxair opens air separation plant in Jiangsu, China
US industrial gas producer Praxair has opened an air separation plant at the Liaoning Oxiranchem facility in Yangzhou Chemical Industrial Park, China.

Olin completes acquisition of Dow Chemical’s chlorine business for $5bn
European chemical and ammunition manufacturer Olin has completed the previously announced acquisition of large parts of Dow Chemical's chlorine business for $5bn.

Potash withdraws $8.8bn bid to buy rival K+S
Canadian fertiliser producer Potash has withdrawn its proposal to acquire its German rival K+S for around $8.8bn.

Sustainable Innovations receives NSF project for commercialisation of H2Pump technology
US electrochemical solutions provider Sustainable Innovations has been selected for a project to advance the integration of recently acquired H2Pump technology for purification of hydrogen in the metals industry.

Press Releases

BioAmber Sarnia Producing High Quality Bio-Succinic Acid at Commercial Scale
Company now shipping bio-succinic acid to customers.

Malvern Instruments Establishes New Biopharmaceutical Applications Laboratory in San Diego
Malvern Instruments has established a new biopharmaceutical applications laboratory in the heart of San Diego's biotechnology cluster.

PPG to Highlight Durability of TESLIN Labels at Labelexpo Europe
Visitors to see in-booth testing for abrasion, chemical and moisture-resistance.

CP Kelco Reveals How GPC/SEC Supports its Manufacture of High-Performance Biopolymers
Insight from CP Kelco, a global leader in the speciality hydrocolloids market, provides a blueprint for the intelligent, cost-efficient deployment of gel permeation / size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) in biopolymer manufacture.

Malvern Instruments Introduces New and Improved rSolution Platform
Malvern Instruments has launched a new and improved rSolution platform on their Kinexus rotational rheometer to help customers use rheological measurements more effectively.

White Papers

Natural Emollient Esters from Bio-Based Succinic Acid
BioAmber is a next-generation chemicals company, with a portfolio of renewable chemicals; a C4 Platform, based on bio-based succinic acid and its derivatives, and a C6 Platform, which...

Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers
Witte first started building fluid beds in the 1946. Since then, the focus has been on building the vibrating continuous fluid bed processor due to the many advantages and broad range...

Unsaturated Polyester Resins Incorporating Bio Succinic Acid
BioAmber is a renewable chemicals company. Its proprietary technology platform combines industrial biotechnology and chemical catalysis to convert renewable feedstock into chemicals for use in...

Control Rheology by Changing Particle Properties
Many common materials can be considered to be dispersions in which one substance (often particulate) is dispersed in another phase. These material types include adhesives, agrochemicals,...

Hydro Sight’s In-Line Insight
Accurately measuring the particle size distribution of a sample relies on various factors. Foremost amongst these is a reliable, high-precision sizing instrument, and equally as important is...

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