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24 July 2016
Industry News

Sumitomo Chemical to build new production facility in Chiba
Japan-based Sumitomo Chemical has planned to build a new manufacturing facility at Chiba Works in Ichihara City for producing polyethersulfone (PES), a high-performance engineering plastic.

INEOS and MSM Poly to support Barex resin production
INEOS Barex and INEOS Barex USA have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for selling intellectual property (IP) and production support related to products to US-based MSM Poly.

WorleyParsons gains contract from chemical firm LyondellBasell
South American engineering firm WorleyParsons has secured an integrated project management team (IPMT) contract from LyondellBasell, a global chemical and refining company.

Yokogawa Korea to deliver control systems for S-Oil's Onsan refinery complex
Yokogawa Electric Korea has secured an order from S-Oil, a South Korean oil and gas subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, to supply control systems for its new Onsan refinery complex that will be built in the city of Ulsan.

Press Releases

ABB Announces the Release of LLT100
ABB has released laser level transmitter LLT100 for use process automation and inventory management.

Micromeritics Announces Instrument Grant to the University of the Basque Country
Micromeritics' instrument grant committee has recently selected its latest grant recipient. An AutoChem II 2920 has been awarded to the structured catalyst and reactors for energy and environmental applications group of the department of applied chemistry (UPV/EHU).

Micromeritics Extends the Application Utility of their 3Flex Surface Characterization Family of Product with the Addition of the New TCD option
Micromeritics Instrument Corp. announced today the addition of an optional TCD (thermal conductivity detector) to their 3Flex Surface Characterisation family of products.

Process Equipment Manufacturer Celebrates Groundbreaking on Facility Expansion
Witte Co. starts construction to accommodate dryer, classifier demand.

The new Zetasizer AT – Automated Online Nanoparticle Sizing for Process Monitoring
Malvern Instruments has launched the new Zetasizer AT, a robust, online, automated analyzer that uses dynamic light scattering (DLS) to automatically measure the size of nanoparticles in suspensions and emulsions.

White Papers

Overcoming and Quantifying ‘Wall Slip’ in Measurements Made on a Rotational Rheometer
When making shear rheological measurements on structured liquids, in particular suspensions, emulsions or foams there is a high probability that the measurement may be affected by a...

Platular® Technology
Custom-designed and built, Platular® wide-gap all-welded heat exchangers are the most versatile units on the market....

Replacing Viscometers with Rheometers
Rheometer design and functionality has advanced considerably over the course of the last decade and today's instruments offer an extremely broad range of test capabilities, wrapped in software...

Barriquand Technologies Thermiques
Barriquand Technologies Thermiques provides optimised thermal solutions and supplies the best heat exchanger technology to cope with your specific...

Material Characterization Analytical Solutions
Micromeritics offers a large selection of gas sorption analyzers that fulfill demanding requirements for determining surface area and...

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