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26 September 2016
Industry News

Celanese begins vinyl acetate ethylene production from Jurong Island, Singapore
US-based Celanese has started production from its new vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) unit at its facility on Jurong Island, Singapore.

TPC to sell Baytown Operations to SI Group
US-based C4 hydrocarbons producer TPC has agreed to sell its Baytown Operations to SI Group, a manufacturer of chemical intermediates, specialty resins, and solutions.

Kuraray, Sumitomo and PTTGC to study potential development of butadiene
Kuraray has signed a head of agreement (HOA) with Sumitomo and PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC) to jointly perform a feasibility study for potential development of manufacturing and sales of butadiene derivatives in Thailand.

Clariant to acquire Kel-Tech and X-Chem
Swiss firm Clariant has signed deals to purchase two US-based companies, comprising biotech firm X-Chem, and Kel-Tech, a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for drilling applications in the oil and gas industry.

Press Releases

BlueCielo Launches New Self Service Center
Our new Self Service Center for Customers and Partners has been released. Read the interview to find out what the new center means for you.

Driving Asset Data Integrity
Deep dive into information erosion, a major challenge to profitability, and discover how a new strategy for asset information management can result in cost savings and enhanced compliance.

When Others Stop, Saurus939 Carries On
The vacuum pump uniqSaurus939 has all the Italvacuum experience, a vacuum pump that guarantees unrivalled performance in all the main chemical and pharmaceutical processes, ensuring total recovery of extracted solvents, even in severe operating conditions.ue in reliability, performance and consumption.

Webinar about Zeta Potential for Formulation Stability and Product Performance
Malvern is to host a webinar about zeta potential and its importance when controlling formulation stability and product performance.

BlueCielo Launches the Customer Advisory Board
On September 22, BlueCielo will hold the first Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting in Denver, Colorado, inviting our customers to contribute to our product roadmap and future innovations.

White Papers

Size Reduction Equipment from Atlantic Coast Crushers
Atlantic Coast Crushers manufactures and sells innovative size reduction machinery for use in the chemical process...

Tank Container Leasing
For the last 30 years, Eurotainer is a worldwide leader of the tank container leasing industry, servicing a wide range of customers from industries as diverse as petroleum, chemical, mining,...

Chewing the Fat
Dr Steve Carrington of Malvern Instruments and Prof. D. J. McClements of the University of Massachusetts describe the use of rheology to measure how food changes during mastication and to...

Component Characterization of Cements using Morphologi G3-ID
Using the Morphologi G3-ID, the size and shape of various components in a cement blend can be individually characterized by morphologically directed Raman...

Filtration Made Easy
Centrifugal discharge, pressure leaf CD-Filters are compact, closed, selfcleaning, multiple plate filters available with integrated heating and drying for manufacturing, pilot and...

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