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Tata Chemicals adopts eco-friendly transportation technology

1 August 2012

Indian soda-ash producer Tata Chemicals has deployed Lupa bulkers to transport loose soda-ash as part of the company's green supply chain strategy.

"Tata Chemicals is planning to deploy ten more bulkers in the financial year of 2012-13."

The Lupa bulkers are designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargoes that are pneumatically loaded and unloaded.

The eco-friendly vessel is already being operated for Mithapur plant in Gujarat and has a capacity of nearly 25tn and can help replace three million plastic bags each year.

Zarir Langrana, Tata Chemicals Chemicals Business (India) COO, was quoted by as saying as a soda-ash manufacturer, Tata Chemicals is committed to reducing CO2 emissions and its environmental footprint in support of environmentally responsible transportation of chemicals, thereby taking a pioneering step in the Indian chemical industry.

"In the near term, we are targeting 150,000MT of movement of soda-ash by bulkers which will help in CO2 reduction since there will be no usage of plastic bags and material handling equipment," Langrana added.

"A move like this within the industry will certainly revolutionise the way bulk chemicals are transported in India.

"We are also planning other alternate and innovative modes for long distance bulk movement of soda-ash."

Tata Chemicals is planning to deploy ten more bulkers in the financial year of 2012-13.

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