Sohar to open sulphur bentonite fertiliser plant in May

Sohar Sulphur Fertilizers will inaugurate its sulphur bentonite fertiliser plant at Sohar Industrial Estate, Muscat, Oman, in May 2012.

The 30,000t per annum facility will process sulphur into sulphur bentonite fertiliser, a micronutrient used to help fortify sulphur-deficient soils.

Sulphur feedstock for the project will be supplied by Oman Oil Refineries & Petrochemical Industries (ORPIC).

The sulphur bentonite plant will add to a growing portfolio of downstream ventures promoted by Takamul Investment, which has a 55% stake in Sohar Sulphur.

Awtad Projects and Development has a 25% stake in the venture, while CoreSulphur, a provider of sulphur bentonite fertiliser technology, will take the remaining stake.

Under an agreement with Takamul, ORPIC will supply 30,000t per annum of sulphur for the next five years, and once the plant goes ahead it will supply additional volumes.

Takamul Investment assistant business development manager Yaarub al Yaarubi was quoted by the Zawya as saying that the company has been exploring downstream investments in petrochemicals, minerals and metals industries.

Two Takamul ventures positioned downstream to Sohar Aluminium are already in various stages of development and operation, according to al Yaarubi.

Oman Aluminium Processing Industries (OAPIL), a joint venture between Takamul and Oman Cables Industries, is already operational, while a new aluminium rolling mill is under construction at a cost of around $400m.

The government-promoted base industries will provide feedstock for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), while Takamul will play the role of an enabler, providing technology support, training and other services.