Shin-Etsu Chemical develops low RI silicone encapsulating material

Shin-Etsu Chemical has developed a new generation of low refractive index (RI) silicone encapsulating material.

The silicone encapsulating material, which has 1.38 RI, is used for applications in packaging materials for high-brightness light-emitting diodes (HBLEDs) to reduce gas permeability.

Shin-Etsu Chemical's KER-7000 Series silicone material has two products: KER-7080 A/B which has a hardness level of (Durometer A) 80 and KER-7030 A/B, which has a hardness level of (Durometer A) 30.

The new RI silicone encapsulating material product reduces the level of gas permeability by 1/10 while maintaining heat resistance at the same level as that of the methyl-group material.

When compared with the phenyl group, the new product has the same level of gas permeability and much higher resistance to high temperatures.

Shin-Etsu said when applied with their new silicone encapsulating material, LED packaging materials will improve the reliability of LED lighting because of its effectiveness in preventing the degradation of light intensify caused by the corrosion of the peripheral materials.

In addition to encapsulating materials, the company has also developed new products for HBLEDs, including heat-radiating die-bond materials, lens materials, reflector materials and moisture-proof insulating materials.

Other products produced by Shin-Etsu Chemical include the SCR Series, which are used for backlighting applications in mobile phones and notebook PCs, and ASP Series products, which are used for applications in backlighting for LCDs.