QuantumSphere secures patent for new Ammonia production technology

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved the patent application of proprietary catalysts producer QuantumSphere for its advanced FeNIX nanocatalyst accelerator technology for ammonia production.

The next-generation ammonia production technology involves application of iron nanocatalysts, applied as a coating onto existing commercial ammonia catalysts, to increase catalytic activity and production efficiency in ammonia synthesis.

QuantumSphere president and CEO Kevin Maloney said: "We are very pleased to receive the notice of allowance from the USPTO for this patent application, which further strengthens our market position to improve production efficiencies in large-scale chemical plants.

"We are very pleased to receive the notice of allowance from the USPTO for this patent application."

"Our growing intellectual property portfolio now protects our proprietary nanocatalyst manufacturing process as well as the commercial end-use application in ammonia synthesis."

QuantumSphere provides proprietary catalysts to boost production and efficiencies of large chemical facilities, such as ammonia.

It supplies products that use its patented technology to produce unique high surface-area catalyst accelerator technology, which improves existing catalyst performance.

According to the company, around $100bn worth of ammonia is produced per year, out of which 80% is used as fertiliser for crop production.

Ammonia production is said to require high amounts of energy, and consumes around 5% of world's natural gas supply.

During the test by QuantumSphere and a partner in early 2015, the technology increased the catalytic activity and production output by 10% to 15%, without requiring any modifications to the ammonia production facilities.

QuantumSphere Operations vice-president Matthew Griffith said: "One key advantage of the FeNIX nanocatalyst coating is that we are enhancing, not replacing, existing technologies.

"By increasing the performance of standard commercial catalyst, we offer a competitive advantage to our partners. This means that we are partnering with, not competing with, key industry players."

The company is now collaborating with Casale for commercialisation of FeNIX technology, which is expected in the second half of this year.

It had signed a joint development deal with Casale in May 2015 for pre-commercialisation of the technology in the ammonia industry and QSI-Nano catalysts for end-use applications.