Purified Renewable resumes US ethanol plant operations

Purified Renewable Energy has produced the first ethanol at the former Minnesota Energy plant in Buffalo Lake, US, since early 2010.

The company partners Steve Walker and Patrick Riggs have raised roughly $2m to acquire and upgrade the 1997 facility, which may otherwise have been scrapped.

Purified Renewable Energy business partner Patrick Riggs was quoted by West Central Tribune as saying that as entrepreneurs they take risks.

"Like I said, it is an interesting and exciting opportunity,'' Riggs said.

Purified Renewable Energy intends to use the opportunities created by ethanol companies like Gevo and Rentech, which are using smaller ethanol plants to produce bio products.

Corn will be used primarily to produce ethanol, while other feedstocks from agricultural waste materials will also be used to produce a portion of it, according to Patrick Riggs.

The plant at present produces 25mgpy of ethanol and is expected to expand to nearly 35mg capacity in the future.

The Minnesota plant manufactures ethanol, using a Katzen designed dry milling process.

The plant's technology has the capacity to accommodate future improvements and use varied feedstocks.

The company has tied up with Tenasca for both its corn procurement and the marketing of its ethanol and distillers grains.