Praxair to install Optimelt and oxygen supply systems for glassmaker Libbey

US-based industrial gas producer Praxair has secured a contract from glassware and tableware manufacturer Libbey to supply its Optimelt thermochemical regenerator (TCR) system.

The company will also deliver oxygen through a non-cryogenic, vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) system to Libbey's glass melting facility in the Netherlands.

Both the Optimelt TCR system and the 60t a day VPSA oxygen on-site supply system are scheduled to start operations next year.

Through the Optimelt TCR system, incoming natural gas is heated and reacts with a portion of the flue gas to produce a hot syngas fuel that recovers the waste heat stored in regenerators for more efficient combustion in the furnace.

"Praxair develops technologies aimed at our mission of making our planet more productive."

Praxair chief technology officer Todd Skare said: "Praxair develops technologies aimed at our mission of making our planet more productive.

"The combination of Praxair's innovative Optimelt technology and VPSA oxygen supply system enables productivity gains in operating cost and specific energy, as well as emissions reductions, all of which help achieve Libbey's sustainability goals."

Due to be installed at Libbey, the Optimelt TCR system will be designed to reduce natural gas consumption and flue gas carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 20%.

Libbey's engineering vice-president Terry Hartman said: "Libbey's decision to choose oxy-fuel combustion technology by installing Praxair's Optimelt TCR system on our new L1 furnace is part of the company's strategy to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions in glass production.

"Designing this new furnace and installing Praxair's technology requires a collaborative team approach between our two companies and will enable Libbey to lead change in the glass industry."