Lanxess opens new formalin plant

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has inaugurated a new €18m formalin production plant in Krefeld, Uerdingen, Germany.

Lanxess advanced industrial intermediates business unit head Hubert Fink said with the company's own formalin plant, it is enhancing its site in Krefeld-Uerdingen and continuing to expand as a manufacturer and supplier of trimethylolpropane (TMP).

"Producing formalin on-site means we are no longer dependent on buying in this necessary feedstock, thereby also cutting transportation costs," Fink added.

"We're also improving energy efficiency and helping to protect the environment thanks to a unique adsorber process."

New formalin and methanol tanks have been installed along the formalin plant, and the generated steam is fed into the company's TMP facility.

TMP is used in various furniture products, and the construction and automotive industries.

The new plant uses a unique adsorber process to leave all pollutants in the plant, in order to dispose of them thermally in a controlled operation.

Headquartered in Germany, Lanxess produces fine chemicals, butyl rubber, performance butadiene rubbers, semi-crystalline products and technical rubber products.