Lanxess inaugurates €200m rubber plant in Singapore

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has inaugurated its new €200m neodymium butadiene rubber (Nd-BR) plant in Singapore.

The new facility is located adjacent to the company's existing butyl rubber plant on Jurong Island, and has a production capacity of 140,000t a year.

Set to produce Nd-BR for global markets, the plant will join the nine additional production facilities operated by the company's Tire & Specialty Rubber (TSR) business unit in North and South America and Europe, and will primarily focus on the growing Asian markets.

"This will enhance the value and resilience of our chemicals industry."

Lanxess board of management chairman Matthias Zachert said: "Together with our adjacent butyl rubber plant, the opening of this new butadiene rubber plant reinforces the strategic role of Singapore as our hub for synthetic rubber production for the Asian markets."

Singapore Economic Development Board Energy and Chemicals executive director Damian Chan said: "The synthetic rubber project is part of Singapore's strategy to grow chemical chains from the higher olefins produced by our petrochemical crackers.

"This will enhance the value and resilience of our chemicals industry."

The Singapore plant will also produce other varieties of butadiene rubber, including solution styrene-butadiene rubber (S-SBR) and several types of butyl rubber.

Serving as a vital function in tire walls and treads, Nd-BR is said to reduce tire abrasion and also plays a part in improving the performance of golf balls, running shoes and conveyor belts.