Kemira acquires Aqsens’ liquid fingerprinting technology

Finnish chemical industry group Kemira has acquired liquid fingerprinting technology for qualitative and quantitative liquid analyses from Helsinki-based start-up company Aqsens.

With this acquisition, Kemira expects to improve its capabilities to provide smart chemical monitoring tools for its clientele.

The technology leverages the enhanced time resolved fluorescence (E-TRF) method, which will allow monitoring high-sensitivity and selectivity on various liquid samples.

Both have not revealed financial details of the transaction.

Kemira Industry & Water president Antti Salminen said: “We look forward to develop this technology further to become a vital part of Kemira KemConnect process management package in multiple applications.”

E-TRF technology was first used in Kemira KemConnect SI system, which measures residual polymeric scale inhibitor concentration from oilfield waters. 

The data procured within few minutes improves operators' treatment effectiveness and maximises the production.

Aqsens Health CEO Timo Teimonen said: "Aqsens has decided to refocus the company's business on health monitoring, and we are delighted to see our long-term partner Kemira to continue the development and business activities with the jointly developed E-TRF technology platform.”

Separately, Kemira has started production at its new strength resin plant located in Estella, Spain.

"The new plant will serve customers located in Europe and Middle East region."

Resins produced at the facility will be used in tissue, specialty, and packaging including food and liquid packaging boards.

The new plant will serve customers located in Europe and Middle East region. 

A global chemicals company, Kemira caters to the customers of water-intensive industries.

With employee strength of 4,800 people, the company focuses on pulp and paper, oil and gas as well as water treatment industry.

Image: Kemira Headquarters in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. Photo: courtesy of J-P Kärnä.