Gustav Grolman to market BASF’s amine-based curing agents in Europe

BASF has strengthened its collaboration with special chemical product marketer Gustav Grolman for promoting amine-based curing agents that are used for processing of epoxy resins.

The chemical company further explained that the new collaboration will come into effect immediately.

Under the agreement, Grolman will be marketing BASF specialty chemicals under the Baxxodur brand across various European countries such as France, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

The chemical produced by BASF will be used in epoxy resin based applications such as thermosetting laminates, corrosion protection varnish and composite materials, as well as highly resistant floor coatings.

These products will be used in the construction industry, automotive, marine, and aerospace, as well as in the manufacturing sectors.

BASF Intermediates division business management specialty amines vice-president Oliver Cullmann said: “The extension of the partnership further on fits very well into our Baxxodur sales and distribution strategy.

"This allows us to keep expanding our strong position in the coating industry."

“Grolman has a diversified know-how in application technology and a technically well-versed sales force. As one of Europe's largest distributors of specialty chemicals, Grolman has established new customer structures and developed new business relationships within a short period of time.

"Grolman perfectly uses its own market acceptance to serve customers efficiently.”

BASF offers a wide range of amine-based curing components for the professional processing of epoxy resins, through its Baxxodur brand.

Grolman managing director and owner Dirk Grolman said: “The high-quality curing agent components made by BASF supplement to a great extent our product range of resins, accelerators, flame retardants, fiber and filler wetting agents not only for the thermosetting industry, but also allows us to keep expanding our strong position in the coating industry.”

In 2015, BASF and Grolman began their collaboration with marketing of Baxxodur brand in Europe. Since then, the marketing firm has been promoting BASF specialty chemicals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland and the UK.