ExxonMobil introduces new metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO)

ExxonMobil Chemical has added a new 65 cSt metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO) grade product to its SpectraSyn Elite mPAO base stock portfolio.

Carolyn Moore, ExxonMobil Chemical global synthetics business marketing manager, said the company designed SpectraSyn Elite 65 to allow formulators to maximise the value of the improved viscosity index.

"We view it as an opportunity to expand the viscosity grades that can be achieved with a high-viscosity (Hi-Vis) base stock," Moore added.

SpectraSyn Elite 65, with its improved viscosity index, provides lubricant manufacturers with greater versatility to achieve low-temperature specifications than they can with a conventional Hi-Vis mid-range PAO, according to the company.

"SpectraSyn Elite 65 mPAO blends well with conventional PAO products and mineral oil base stocks."

SpectraSyn Elite 65 mPAO blends well with conventional PAO products and mineral oil base stocks, thus providing opportunities to meet specifications over a broader temperature range, while reducing traction coefficient for improved energy efficiency.

Chris Birdsall, ExxonMobil Chemical global synthetics business vice president, said the launch of the new SpectraSyn Elite grade reinforces the company's commitment to provide formulators with various advanced synthetic base stocks.

"That commitment includes the previously announced construction of a world-scale plant in Baytown, Texas, to produce up to 50,000 tons per year of SpectraSyn Elite mPAO base stocks," Birdsall added.

"Project work on that plant began in 2011 and is on schedule for a 2013 completion."

ExxonMobil, in addition to SpectraSyn Elite mPAO, produces synthetic base stock fluids including SpectraSyn and SpectraSyn Plus PAO, Synesstic alkylated naphthalene and Esterex ester fluids.