Envision Plastics ships deodorised resin for Engineered Plastic Components

US-based high-density polyethylene (HDPE) recycling company Envision Plastics has shipped more than five million pounds of its proprietary line of deodorised resin for Engineered Plastic Components.

Envision Plastics is a division of North American rigid plastic packaging solutions developer and manufacturer Consolidated Container Company (CCC).

Envision Plastics general manager Mark Shafer said: “To put it plainly, we take the smell out. Our patented process takes post-consumer plastic and reduces the odour to a level such that the revitalised resin can be used in a variety of scent sensitive applications.”

Deodorised Resin is a post-consumer resin that has been cleaned and deodorised by the company’s proprietary process.

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Engineered Plastic Components plant manager Jack McCoy said: “Our issue with using post-consumer resin in the past was the smell, but Envision Plastics has provided us with a sustainable solution for our high-quality automotive products through their deodorised resin.

“Caring about the environment is important, and using a recycled product that can be recycled again shows our customers that we are making the effort to be part of the solution.”

Deodorised Resin is available in natural and mixed colour applications, and can be further mixed with other compounds.

Shafer added: “We have noticed a recent and growing demand for odour neutral post-consumer resins in the marketplace.

“Unlike other resins currently in development, Deodorised Resin is readily available and does not require our customers to purchase or install equipment.” 

The different qualities of the product allow it to be used in a wide range of non-food applications in which scent sensitivity creates a problem such as air-conditioning vents and personal care products.