ECHA approves Airedale PPA products

UK-based chemical company Airedale Chemical has been given an approval for producing peracetic acid (PAA), after it confirmed its place on the EU Biocides Products Regulation (BPR).

According to the BPR, the specifications chemicals such as disinfectants, preservatives, and pest control products have to obtain a clearance from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), as well as covers biocidal products used for protecting materials, humans and animals against bacteria, pests and other harmful organisms.

The objective behind introducing the Europe-wide regulation is to ensure the greatest protection of people and the environment from the use of biocides, and to improve how the biocidal market operates within the EU.

Airedale Chemical has received an approval from ECHA, after its PAA products have met the requirements set out by the governing body.

Airedale Chemical managing director Chris Chadwick said: “This has been a lengthy process but we can’t stress enough how important it is to the company.

“We are now leading the way with a range of effective and approved biocide products."

“It not only allows us to continue developing our peracetic acid product family, which is key to our five-year strategy, but it also means that we are currently the only UK manufacturer directly approved by ECHA.

“Biocides are used in a huge number of industries, including agriculture and industrial cleaning so it’s a huge market and we are now leading the way with a range of effective and approved biocide products.”

PAA is an industrial disinfectant that is used by a wide range of industries such as recycling and waste management, dairy, food and drink manufacture and breweries, which is used primarily in circulation cleaning and industrial disinfection.

It is expected that the global PAA market would be worth around £30m and is estimated to grow to nearly £45m by 2018.

Airedale Chemical manufactures PAA in dilutions of 2%, 5% and 15%, which is also available as Airocide PAAD, which has been approved by the UK Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for agricultural, dairy and avian applications.

Image: ECHA approves Airedale PPA products. Photo: courtesy of Airedale Chemical.