DuPont acquires Verdezyne's xylose isomerase technology

Renewable chemicals producer Verdezyne has announced that it has sold its proprietary xylose isomerase technology to DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

"Xylose isomerase technology enables conversion of biomass sugars to fuels and chemicals."

As part of the sale agreement, DuPont has purchased rights for the technology covered by the US Patent Act, for use in commercialising biofuels and biochemical fields.

Xylose isomerase technology enables conversion of biomass sugars to fuels and chemicals.

Verdezyne president and CEO William Radany said the company's xylose isomerase technology has been demonstrated to have superior performance when compared to alternatives for converting five-carbon sugar to fuels and chemicals.

"We are pleased that a company of DuPont's stature recognises the value of our proprietary technology," Radany added.

DuPont Industrial Biosciences vice president John Ranieri said biomass bioprocessing is opening up market opportunities across a wide range of DuPont businesses, and that the Verdezyne technology is a natural fit for the company's cellulosic portfolio.

"The addition of this leading xylose isomerase technology further strengthens DuPont's leadership in biomass derived sugar conversion to biofuels and biochemicals," Ranieri added.

The technology also allows fast and complete utilisation of biomass-sourced C5 sugars to manufacture various products.

Verdezyne, an industrial biotechnology company, uses metabolic pathway engineering tools to develop yeast strains for cost-effective bio-based chemicals production.