Dow dedicates $2bn new chemical manufacturing investments in Louisiana

The Dow Chemical Company has dedicated to invest $2bn in new chemical manufacturing in the US state of Louisiana, according to its governor John Bel Edwards. 

The announcement was made at a ribbon-cutting event at the company's 3,300-acre Plaquemine site. 

In addition to the governor, the event was attended by Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson, Dow president and chief operating officer Jim Fitterling, Dow Louisiana Operations site leader Eduardo Do Val and other federal, state, parish and local officials. 

In August 2013, the company had announced expansion in Iberville and West Baton Rouge parishes, which includes construction of two new polyolefin plants designed to produce next-generation synthetic rubber and high-performance polyethylene, along with one million cubic feet of warehousing. 

The investment also includes strengthening the company's ethylene capacity; a new command center for its hydrocarbons operations; and the restart of an existing ethylene unit in St Charles Parish. 

Edwards said: "In providing great livelihoods for thousands of Louisiana families, Dow’s operations pump more than $1bn into the state’s economy each year through payrolls, taxes, business purchases and community contributions.

"Dow’s operations pump more than $1bn into the state’s economy each year through payrolls, taxes, business purchases and community contributions."

"That’s vital to our economy, and it’s just as vital that Louisiana industrial leaders remain competitive in the global economy. These new investments by Dow are modernising Louisiana manufacturing sites to be the most competitive, efficient and productive operations in the world, all of which ensures a bright future for our workforce and our economy.”

Dow’s operations in Louisiana were launched in 1956 with the purchase of four large tracts in Iberville and West Baton Rouge parishes. 

Currently, the company provide jobs for more than 6,000 Dow and contract employees who produce over 100 basic and specialty chemicals shipped worldwide from six Louisiana locations.

Fitterling noted: "The investments we’re celebrating today will be a tremendous part of Dow’s future, and integral to our strategy by expanding our family of high-performance polymers for flexible packaging that our customers are demanding."

In Louisiana, the company produces the building blocks for plastics, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, shampoos, pharmaceuticals and other goods.

During the past four years, the $2bn investment projects have created more than 1,200 construction jobs apart from securing over 2,500 direct Dow and contractor jobs at the Plaquemine-area operations.