Clariant and KBR supply catalysts to Indonesian ammonia plants

Specialty chemicals company Clariant is providing total catalyst solutions to two major ammonia production plants in Indonesia in cooperation with licensing partner KBR.

These new projects leverage KBR's process technologies, along with the complete range of Clariant catalysts in the ammonia production process.

Turnkey design being offered is claimed to be effective in reducing production costs and improving plant efficiency.

Clariant Catalysts business unit senior vice president and general manager Stefan Heuser said: “We are delighted to collaborate with KBR on these important assignments in Indonesia.

“It validates the strength and success of our partnership, one that not only benefits our two companies, but also, and more importantly, our customers.

"Unlike conventional magnetite catalysts, AmoMax 10 is based on a Wustite structure that ensures 20% higher activity."

“The projects also demonstrate Clariant's commitment to driving sustainable ammonia synthesis through continuous innovation.

The main catalysts selected in the projects comprise AmoMax 10 for ammonia synthesis, ReforMax 330 LDP and ReforMax 210 LDP for reforming, ShiftMax 120, ShiftMax 217 and ShiftMax 210 for high-temperature shift (HTS) and low-temperature shift (LTS) reactions.

At KBR, Syngas Technologies vice-president Avinash Malhotra said: “KBR is committed to delivering complete solutions to our clients.

“Partnering with Clariant enables us to not only provide our market-leading ammonia technology, but also the best catalysts to optimise the performance of the plant and deliver best value and operability.”

The AmoMax 10 catalyst carries special importance; unlike conventional magnetite catalysts, AmoMax 10 is based on a Wustite structure that ensures 20% higher activity.

The catalyst comes with a unique set of physical and chemical properties both increases production rate and decreases consumption of natural gas.

Clariant's Catalysts business and KBR received this Indonesian contract in 2015.