China's petrochemical sector posts 27.3% rise in sales revenue

China's petrochemical industry has reported sales revenue of 979.2bn yuan ($153.6bn) in the 12 months to October, equivalent to an increase of 27.3%.

The figure is, however, down 5.7% from September.

Of the 68 petrochemical products tracked, 34 recorded a drop in prices in the week of 21-25 November.

The prices of ethylene oxide, phenol, ammonium sulphate, nitric acid and liquid chlorine recorded declines of 15.29%, 6.18%, 5.42%, 3.64% and 3.33% respectively, week-on-week.

In the same period, eight products reported higher prices. Polymeric MDI, bromine, crude benzene, rockwell salt and HFC-22 rose by 3.76%, 2.07%, 1.63%, 1.02% and 0.55% respectively, week-on-week.