CF Industries starts up new UAN plant at Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex, US

CF Industries, a manufacturer and distributor of nitrogen products, has started up a new urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) plant at the company's Nitrogen Complex in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, US.

Set up as part of the company's major capacity expansion projects in North America, it is the second new plant that has the capacity to produce over 80,000t of UAN.

Claimed to be the largest single-train UAN plant in the world, the new plant has brought the total annual UAN production capacity at Donaldsonville site to 4.2 million tonnes, up from the previous 2.4 million tonnes.

“The finish line for our Donaldsonville capacity expansion project is now in sight.”

CF Industries president and chief executive officer Tony Will said: "The finish line for our Donaldsonville capacity expansion project is now in sight.

"The new UAN and granular urea plants are running consistently at or above nameplate capacities, and the new ammonia plant is within a few weeks of being mechanically complete."

The Donaldsonville complex is capable to switch upgraded product production between UAN and urea products.

Last December, CF Industries announced the start of a new urea plant at its Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex.

The plant, which has been producing more than 80,000t of granular urea since start-up, is the first plant to be commissioned and started-up as part of CF's major capacity expansion projects in North America.

The company through its subsidiaries produces and distributes nitrogen products to both agricultural and industrial customers.

Currently, CF Industries has nitrogen manufacturing complexes in Canada, UK the US.