Celanese to build methanol production plant in Texas, US

Specialty materials and technology company Celanese is planning to build a new 1.3mtpa methanol production plant at its existing acetyl plant in Clear Lake, in Texas, US.

The new plant will use the company's existing infrastructure to capture the opportunities created by US natural gas supplies, according to Celanese.

"The new methanol plant is expected to start its operations from 1 July 2015."

The acetyl plant, which includes a research and development centre, produces acetic acid and vinyl acetate monomer and will use a portion of the methanol produced at the new unit to support the company's operations.

The company expects to collaborate with one or more additional entities interested in the remaining methanol. The new methanol plant is expected to start its operations from 1 July 2015.

The company is also finalising construction of its TCX ethanol technology development unit.

Mark Rohr, Celanese chairman and chief executive officer, said the positive developments in the US energy complex and the current and emerging natural gas surplus make it advantageous for the company to produce its own methanol requirements for US acetyl production.

"Utilizing existing Celanese infrastructure helps reduce capital requirements while capturing advantages of state-of-the-art technologies," Rohr said.