Bluestar Silicones launches new US manufacturing and R&D centre

Bluestar Silicones

Silicones raw material manufacturer Bluestar Silicones has opened a new manufacturing and research and development (R&D) centre in York, South Carolina, in the US.

Bluestar expects the new manufacturing and R&D centre, including pilot equipment, laboratory facilities and workshops, to accelerate product development and improve technical synergies.

As part of the company's expansion plans, it has relocated its two silicones manufacturing facilities in Ventura, California and Rock Hill, South Carolina, to the 226,000 square feet York building, located on 21.5 acres of land.

The York facility will produce various silicone products, including liquid silicone rubbers, room-temperature vulcanised silicones, fluids, dispersions, release coatings, specialty fluids, resins and antifoams.

J. Christopher York, Bluestar Silicones North America president, said the opening of new manufacturing and R&D facility is a major step forward in the execution of the company's strategic plan for North America.

"Bluestar expects the new manufacturing and R&D centre to accelerate product development and improve technical synergies."

"Our sizeable footprint in York will give us ample room to expand workshops, supporting existing specialty markets along with entry into new markets," York said.

"We are planting new roots and building a foundation here that will create business opportunities and position us for future market share growth," he added.

The company is planning to double its sales of silicones over the next five years.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said: "This is a top of the line silicone manufacturer that is going to focus on research and development and raise the bar for South Carolina, not across the country, but across the world."

Image: Bluestar Silicones inaugurates its new manufacturing and R&D facility in York, South Carolina, US. Photo courtesy of: PRNewsFoto /Bluestar Silicones.