BioNitrogen urea fertiliser plant moves ahead

BioNitrogen has reported positive results of the Phase I engineering study of its urea fertiliser plant in Lubbock, Texas, US, conducted by Granherne.

During the study, Granherne incorporated BioNitrogen's patent-pending technology to produce nitrogen urea by using organic biomass as feedstock.

Granherne said the Phase I engineering project, currently entering week seven of eleven at a cost of approximately $380,000, will establish finalised supplier guidelines in addition to the bonding, finance and insurance protocols necessary to complete the construction and commissioning model for BioNitrogen's urea plants worldwide.

Following the completion of Phase I engineering study, both the companies will continue to accelerate Phase II and Phase III engineering construction stage of the first plant.

Phase III engineering, the physical plant construction phase, is scheduled to start in Q3 2012.

BioNitrogen international operations president Carlos A. Contreras said Granherne has some engineers specialising in the areas of gasification technology, power integration, urea production and construction development.

"As we begin to enter Phase II in Lubbock, we are just getting started worldwide," Contreras added.

BioNitrogen and KBR are also planning for a urea facility in Levelland, Texas, US.

Granherne, a subsidiary of KBR, provides consulting services to the energy, power, chemicals, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.